Coming up for air…

Okay… I’ve been heads down on the book so… I’ve not really even breathed long enough to write a blog post. But of course I am not neglecting you on purpose.

It’s rainy AF today in SoCal. Not as cold as the past few days. We’re sitting at a morning of 60º instead of 45. It’ll warm up like usual to about 70.

But man, the rain makes me sleepy. Soooo sleepy.

The dog’s already gone to crash in his dog bed. Because well, he’s getting old and he’s a dog. I’m sure he’ll wake up in time to bark at a bird or a lizard in the backyard.

Tutus and Tinsel WILL have a blog tour so… I’ll be posting about that in a bit. Hope you all have had a good November and let’s wrap up this year with a bang! Okay, maybe just some cookies and a cup of coffee.

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