6 thoughts on “My Holy Trinity…

  1. Susan Cosnick

    OMG! I was literally listening to Me And Bobby McGee when I read this.

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  2. iadorespike

    I’m not arguing – I loved Janis. I was, however, kind of surprised. I’m pretty sure she died before you were born, so I guess I’m wondering how the love developed.
    OTOH, I certainly can’t fault your choice of gods. 👍😘

    1. I was six when Janis died 😀 And I’ve always had a deep love for the blues as soon as I heard them for the first time. Music’s been a major part of my life and I’ve always been interested in a variety of forms 😀

      1. iadorespike

        Okay, still younger than me, but a little older than I thought. From the pics I’ve seen of you and vid interviews I figured forty-ish. You have a youthful appearance. 😋 I never got to see her live, but my mom and I would watch her whenever she was televised. She was . . . amazing. Thanks for sharing your Holy Trinity! 👍❤️

    2. I’m Asian… and well, I have a potty mouth. I found Janis when I was in my teens, really. I had a record of hers when I was nine and well, I just loved her music 😀

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