Jacked Cat Jive Excerpt

Because I’m just recovering from the flight back from GRL 2018… I thought I’d drop a bit of Kai Gracen’s THIRD book for the morning cup of coffee….

This is from Jacked Cat Jive. Out in March 2019 AND in mass market. I’ll be sharing those ISBNs soon so you can order from your local bookstore and bring LGBTQ fantasy to your area!

Excerpt from Jacked Cat Jive….

“Kai, I’m going to try to get the transport open,” Ryder yelled at me as he sprinted across the cave floor toward our trusty centipede, where, by the brief glance I got, Kerrick was fighting to open the door and Mink was screaming his head off inside. Brief glance. For all I knew, they were in a rap battle and Kerrick was winning. “I saw a flamethrower.”

Not what I wanted to hear while clinging to an overgrown mutant white land lobster, but it was the least of my worries, especially when Cari opened fire at its underbelly. All that did was piss the worm off, and I was off on another round of trying to hold on while attempting to get my other knife loose.

The worm’s head was slick—too slick for me to grab—and when Cari’s shotgun blasts to its belly angered it, the worm reared up, nearly knocking me free. My hands were damp with sweat, and my fingers fumbled to unlatch the strap that held my knife in its sheath. Up close the worm smelled worse than an ainmhi dubh, but at that point, so did I. Ryder’s shouting joined Kerrick’s, and I heard the unmistakable hiss of the transport’s hydraulic doors opening.

“Great,” I ground out. “Now I’ve got to worry about a flamethrower. Let’s kill you quick before they make me a marshmallow.”


Kindle version to follow….


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  1. Gloria

    I’m so excited!!! This is literally my favorite urban fantasy series. Love how Kai always manages to get covered in something disgusting lol

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