Talking Kai and Cover Evolution over at The Novel Approach!

I am over at the Novel Approach today talking about the Kai Gracen series and the incredible experience of working with Christian McGrath on the series’ new covers. Go take a sneak peek at what’s happening to the series over at TNA!

6 thoughts on “Talking Kai and Cover Evolution over at The Novel Approach!

  1. Mary Sebers

    Oh, Ms. Rhys Ford: you have ruined this old gal for non-Asian men. What with Kim Jae Min, Miki St. John & this new view of Kai, add the beautiful men in Kdrama & KPop, I’ve been a goner since Miki & Kim Jae Min.
    What am I trying to say? Thank you!

  2. *facepalm* hit post too fast at Novel Approach. I love the new covers – and I love the series. I’m excited you got to get Chris McGrath covers because I utterly love his work – and I think it works well for Kai – and will get you exposure. (and I loved the little prelim sketches you shared too)

  3. Jae

    I am so happy for you. The world needs this series. I really think it’s one of the best urban fantasies out there. Kai and his crew are so strong and each story evolves him and his world. I seriously can’t wait. And mass market means more Kai! I am delerious!

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