Back from NYC!

And you know… I have pictures. But mostly of food to taunt friends with.

We had a fantastic reader meetup at Faces and Names. We were loud. The music got louder. Pretty sure they kept turning it up hoping we’d get the hell out. No, really the staff was great and the event was awesome.

There’s “red carpet” photos of the event someplace which I’m going to have to hunt down. Dreamspinner’s Elizabeth North and Lynn West attended with me, CS Poe and Greg Tremblay. Michael Nava met us there and we did a couple of carpet shots with him and well, he also showed us where the bar was. I think. It’s a blur. 😀 But he is awesome and my company of DSP and narrator were fantastic. The ceremony was fun, touching and a great time. And I am so damned thrilled to have been a finalist. Congrats really to all the winners of this year’s Lammys and the finalists because damn, there was some mighty fine company to be keeping this year.

This is going to be a pretty quick post only because I’m about 4K or so away from the end of Kai 3 and I’ve got an edit looming and the dog misses me. Or so he is saying. He could just want treats. You never know with him.

Love you all and thank you so much for your support. You all rock and damn, you’re the best.


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