Writing Kai and Saying GoodBye To the Sinners Boys

Well, Sinners Gin / Crossroads Gin has left the building. I’ll be deleting the shortcut on my desktop in a few minutes and I will be closing that chapter of my life.

It’s an odd thing doing that. It’s only pixels. A shortcut on the desktop but as most writers will tell you, it’s a significant thing. It means I will not need to have Miki, Damie, Forest and Rafe at my fingertips any more.

Sad but oh, Happy Endings.

Not that I won’t go back and have some short stories once in a while and maybe that novella of Con and Forest kicking in my head but ah, the end.

Lots of words happening for Kai 3. I have a tentative title but we’ll see. Stuff changes. This one might change. I like the title but it might not suit.

Speaking of Kai, here’s a photo of the night sky near Kilauea on the Big Island taken by Matteo Belli. This isn’t far from my mom’s house. Everyone’s fine. No one’s in danger at the moment. And there’s fountaining in some of the fissures but so far, everything’s okay.

The lava fields form so much of the Pendle Run and well, heavily influenced by Pele and the Halemaumau area*. So, it’s kind of ironic the volcano is having events while I’m writing this book.


* The name is a bone of contention among people. Halemaumau means house of fire and Halema’uma’u means of House of the ma’umau’ fern. I reject the okina placement and all of the older Hawaiians and locals say Halemaumau. Yes, there’s a legend about Kamapua’a filling the area with ferns to seduce Pele but she kicked his ass to the curb.

3 thoughts on “Writing Kai and Saying GoodBye To the Sinners Boys

  1. Linda

    I look forward to the short stories. I loved all those boys, and really wanna keep in touch. That having been said, I also look forward to more Kai stores, and whatever your future writings maybe. I was sad to see the end of Sinner, but glad they got their Happy Ending. Thanks Rhys for letting me come along on their journey, I am so glad that I found you, you’re one of the best.

  2. I so enjoyed the last ride with the Sinner family! I hope there will be some short stories so we can visit with them again. Not sure who I hated to say good-bye to more, Sinners or Cole!!

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