Home! And Stuff!

Okay, it was a LONG weekend and so much went on. Most of which is now a blur.

The LA Times Book Festival was awesome and a huge shout out and thank you to every reader who came by to say hello to us at the Dreamspinner Booth. Next year will be even bigger! More rainbow! All the stuff! And books!

We also had a huge amount of doggos come by and say hey. We’ll have to do a Dogs of DSP next year.

I have a huge amount of paperbacks I’ll need to giveaway at some point. INCLUDING the Rebel mass market paperback so… watch this space.

In other news, don’t forget… the FINAL Sinners book, Sin and Tonic, drops on May 15th. Catch up on the band and the Morgans in the middle of May!

One thought on “Home! And Stuff!

  1. I want to say I’m so excited but at the same time my heart silently crying to read the end of this awesome journey with Sin and Tonic, but I’m ready!

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