Seriously. It’s busy over here.

I’ve got a Screaming Camel of Happiness to release. Working on a SOOPER SEEKRIT project and my part’s done. Signed, sealed and submitted.

The house is kind of quiet without my baby girl, Yoshi. I know she’ll be back. In one form or another. Writer’s Cats always find their way to a laptop.

I’m hacking at blog posts then starting Kai. So much going on.

Oh, and the LA Times Book Festival. Not this weekend but next. I’ll be bringing some special swag for anyone stopping by to get one of my books signed.

And the dog is eating his dinner. I think.

2 thoughts on “Whoosh

  1. Mary Pat

    I’m so sorry you had to say goodbye to your kitty. They leave a cat-shaped hole in your heart when they go. I too trust someone will eventually investigate the vacancy. Not replace, because that is impossible. But you do realize that on the cat network there is a big vacancy sign over your picture–you know, the cat net they all tune into when they seem to be just staring off in the distance?

    A fan, of all cats, Miki’s Dog, and your world,

    Mary Pat

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