So I ended up having to run Yoshi (Writer’s Cat) down to the vet this afternoon. Signs point to a bad tooth which God knows how long she’s had that because she stoic AF. But because of her age, bloodwork is done and she was a bit dehydrated so they camel-backed her. Came home, she ate her dinner then promptly went to go see what the dog was served.

That’s just how she is.

We’ve had a cat with a thyroid problem. He was a lot older and well, feral down to the bone but he loved me. She reminds me a lot of him. Except she does have better manners.

Yoshi always comes to me when she doesn’t feel well. Which is heartening but also heart-breaking because oftentimes, the only thing I can do is bundle her up and take her to the vet.

She NEVER goes outside. Outside terrifies her and through the whole experience, I console and comfort her, scritching her head as I drive and talking to her. She’s a very good cat.

Okay, she’s very good at being a cat. But she’s a great companion. Hopefully there’s nothing seriously wrong and it’s something the dental procedure can take care of. But, that’s a part of being an animal’s … friend. Not going to say owner because no one owns a cat.

So wish Yoshiko luck for good bloodwork and a speedy recover from her procedure on Tuesday. And with any luck, she’ll stop hissing at Harley. I’d say maybe the tooth makes her grumpy but well, she’s always been grumpy.

11 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Cherry Starr

    Oh, poor Yoshi. No one likes dental problems. Hope everything goes well.

    My Mother brought her dog over. It was the first time my Peekaboo cat had a dog in her house. He loves cats and sat like a statue while she took half an hour to sneak up and sniff his nose. When she took off he was just prancing around he was so happy. Then he put his head down between his paws and waited for her to get brave enough to come back.

  2. Amy Darling

    Good Luck Yoshi. I hope your produce goes well and you heal quickly. Sending good thoughts and juju ❤️

  3. Sending healing vibes and soft, virtual mouse-flavored treat Yoshiko’s way. When she’s feeling better, we’ll pass the catnip. Wouldn’t want her racing around the house like a crazy cat, bumping into furniture.

    I miss having pets and enjoy reading about your furry family.

  4. Hope Yoshi feels better soon. Whenever my puppies not having a good day my heart aches as well.

    P.S. You know you’re a very talented and gifted writer when your blog post about your animal friends make me question..”why isn’t this made into a book yet…?” I literally LOVE everything you post/write. Yes it’s possible. Have a wonderful day Miss Rhys Ford.

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