Morning! State of the Rhys.

First off, to everyone’s who has asked, the fires are pretty far away from me and I’m safe…

However, one of the main problems SoCal wild fires bring is poor air quality (well and destruction but the air right now is a key point) because combined with the ash / soot in the region, it’s also bone dry and man, it does a number on everyone’s sinuses, mine included. Sudafed and I are friends.

Quick update because well, I need coffee…. I’m hammering away at blog posts for 415 Ink: Rebel’s release on December 29 and then I’m going to be working in some edits for the two books I’ve got in rotation… one of which is Sin and Tonic, the last Sinners book. THEN it is off to plotting 415 Ink: Savior. Oh and writing it. Very busy. All the words.

Hope you guys are doing well. And most of all, are taking some time for yourselves. 😀

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