In Kentucky…and Headed to Indiana in a Few

Well it’s a bit nippy in Kentucky right now and I have an aux-cat named Dewey demanding I pay him tribute just as I begin to type out this blog. I’d take a picture but he’s sauntered back off.

A lot’s happened in the past few weeks, and yet nothing. I’ve been to GRL and moved about a lot and am trying to get Sin and Tonic finished. My workload expanded a bit and as I shuffle words around, I realize this is going to be a huge fricking book.

Mary Calmes has a cafepress store now so if she’s your cup of tea*, stop on by and have a look:

* She’s my cup of tea but then I adore her. 😀

And the cat is back.

My brain’s stuck in San Francisco and the Morgans at the moment so blogging something out is kind of hard but I wanted to touch base with all of you and see what’s going on.

TA Moore got her 415 Ink shirt and promptly sent me a picture from Belfast. She’s got a Christmas thing coming up and once I get that blog schedule and links from her, I’ll share it. She’s working with CS Poe on a round-robin tour so I’ll grab Poe’s release links as well. So much stuff going on.

I’m hoping 415 Ink: Rebel will be available for pre-order soon and everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving if you’re on this side of the rock. We had a trial run yesterday and I am still over-full. That’s probably why the cat’s here. He wants something to nom on. All I have is coffee.


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