a brief pit stop

I am actually gearing up for a very busy two weeks but I wanted to stop in and say hey to everybody. There is a lot of things going on the background most of which is good news but it involves a lot of moving parts and cover reveals and just kind of everything moving very quickly.

Yesterday was a major slog of writing and my brain can hurts for it. You are probably are going to read this on Monday so please know that Saturday kicked my ass.

What is going to happen starting Thursday, October 12 is a road trip to Denver, more specifically GayRomLit, and we will be doing some videos and other stuff along the way just to keep people entertained and possibly evidence in case we’re arrested.

I’m not saying that we are going to be arrested but just in case.

I am going to be hauling a lot of swag out to Denver but I’m also keeping some back so I can have easily mailable swag packets. When I come back, definitely let’s look at making some of those go out instead of sitting in my spare bedroom. Because they do not need to take up residence in my house.

I hope all of you have a fantastic week. I am hammering away at Sin and Tonic but I did take a few hours off to go see Bladerunner 2049 and that was absolutely fantastic.

We do have a new cat. Her name is Harley. I did not name her so don’t look at me. I call her HarleyDoodle or honey girl. The dog both loves and fears her. She is an eating and pooping machine. Less than two years old, she has already had a litter but has been fixed. but fitting in fairly decently.

One last thing before I leave you guys for this post, I want to talk to you about being aware of the state of your breasts. And this conversation really has to be had by both men and women. I urge you all to pay attention to your body and to maybe take a look at the lemon chart below. If you find any anomalies in your upper or lower bits, go talk to your doctor. And you might have to be forceful about it. Especially if you are a guy. But definitely have these conversations.

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  1. Erica Fisher

    Sorry brain is fried but excited about new book. Please be safe on your road trip and I am sure the CC&M group would pool together for bail money 😋

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