Bob The Cat T-Shirts are Now in The Shop!

Many of you have asked for a Bob The Cat shirt and well, here it is. Both quirky and disdainful, carry your very own Bob with you into battle, on coffee runs or even while getting a drumstick cone from the ice cream truck you’ve chased down the street in your T-Rex fluffy slippers.

There is a variety of items to choose from and more coming in the future…whenever I’ve got some time. Hoping to get some Hellsinger stuff up and maybe a shop shirt from Potter’s Field, Rook’s place of business.

As always, there is a nominal 25 cents charge off of the wholesale price for the shirts just to cover any licenses and/or fees. I’m not looking to make money, I’m looking to put cool stuff on your chests, laptops and things you drink from!

Link to Bob
Link to the General Store Front


3 thoughts on “Bob The Cat T-Shirts are Now in The Shop!

  1. I love him….*blinks* or was Bob a girl?😶 Forgive me as this is a post before coffee. Still trying to convince my eyelids to stay open…what the heck was I posting? Oh yes! Soon I shall be be sipping from a Bob cup!😁

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