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I’m actually still in Hawai’i but I will be headed home in a couple of days. I have been watching the hurricane news and  well frankly I’m worried because I have friends who are in that area. Having grown up on an island myself I know how devastating these kind of events can be.  I hope that everyone  stays safe and watches out for the person  next to them. We are often so powerless against mother nature but we are not powerless to help one another.

I have done little to writing this morning and then I will be actually headed out to the tour guide which is kind of fun. It rained little bit this morning but right now it is very sunny and oddly enough not as muggy as it used to be. I’m sure that will change of the day.

My mission today is to  get some souvenirs, a piece of luggage for one person, and pick up local style macaroni salad for dinner with my parents tonight. There is much debate upon what is the best mac salad here in Hilo. So,  we have a contender and we will see how it is. Also, apparently Jack-in-the-Box sells fried rice with spam and Portuguese sausage and my mother has been trying to get me to buy some and eat it. I guess she thinks I will be the guinea pig. I should buy it just to say how wonderful it is and how amazing it is that it is offered.

I hope all of you doing well and that you have a good week..

3 thoughts on “posting a quick post…

  1. Karen

    Thanks for the update. Sounds like you’re enjoying yourself. Selfishly happy you’ve had time to write.

  2. Patricia Grayson

    The Calm before the storm. enjoy your family dinner. I’m in Southern Florida planning to stay in our house when hurricane arrives. we’re on west coast.

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