Good Morning from Green Bay

Morning All… or what’s left of the morning.

Right now we’re holed up at a Starbucks on the day before the Writers’ Police Academy starts and allegedly writing. Everything is now plugged in, we have wifi and coffee. Well I think I might be the only one with coffee. The other two authors, Charlie Cochet and Victoria Sue both have tea.

And I’ve finally gotten situated on the table. So much fuss and cords.

Trying to finish out this book. Hopefully soon! Sooo close.

It was great meeting up with Vickie Peterson (watch me have spelled that wrong) last night. We went to Prime Quarter where they pretty much wheel a cow out, carve off a huge part with a chain saw and grill it for you. SOOOOO much food. But it was great company and well, we got to experience yet another Uber driver personality. Who then picked us up again this morning. Shout out to …. Edward.

Jason the Uber driver so far has been my favourite so he’s set the bar, Green Bay!

I should have taken pictures to include here. I’ll do some tomorrow. Right now, writing like the wind. 😀 Okay maybe a light breeze scented with a strawberry infused tea.

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