Racing to an End just so I can… start another End

I’ve got about another 35K or so left to do on 415 Ink. Or at least I hope so because the book has to end. All books have to end. Or at least the writing part of them should. I believe the best books are written as if the reader is sliced into the characters’ lives at a certain point and then end at a satisfying enough point the reader is okay with the writer leaving them there BUT they know the story—those lives—continue on.

Or at least that’s what motivates me while I write.

So as I tighten up the threads I untangled for Rebel, 415 Ink’s first book, I have to look at what will be another ending for me… the final Sinners book.

I have mixed feelings about ending this series. Unlike Cole’s last book, there probably will be no going back to Miki and Kane. I might do an off the cuff novella about Con and Forest to wrap up a couple of loose ends but the core central couple of M&K will be finished at the end of Sin and Tonic.

It’s not bittersweet. Not yet. It might be at the end of S&T’s word count when I’m stabbing the last few words out on the keyboard and moving the cat’s ass so I can hit the shift button.

I probably will go back to the same music I listened to in Sinners for the soundtrack while writing S&T. We’ll see. 415 Ink has a shit ton of Soundgarden, Toadies, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and then a bunch of pounding classic rock like Whole Lotta Love, Black Betty, and others. Music flavours words for me. I need that spice in the back of my head while I write. It also helps me focus.

Someone asked me… well more than a few someones… they ask about what KIND of music Sinners/Crossroads play. My answer always is; I can’t answer that. I never will answer that. Their music should be a personal choice for the reader. An intimate selection of sound to flavour the words I’ve written for the band. You have to decide that for yourself, find the beat you need for those words to come alive. However, I do have a good idea on what Miki looks like on stage…or rather how he comes alive there.

So, I’m going to leave you with Hyde and his band, Vamps, so I can contemplate endings, words and probably move yet another cat ass intruding on my keyboard.

10 thoughts on “Racing to an End just so I can… start another End

  1. Wendy Belton

    I’m so glad that there’s going to be at least one more Sinners/Crossroads Gin book. I read/listened to all of them in order and I was so in love with all of the characters. I cannot wait for,this next one. *bounces*

      1. Wendy Belton

        As long as Miki has his Kane and his Dami, he’ll be happy, I think. Granted, he’s like a scalded cat if you get too close, but those two keep him grounded…..but let’s not forget Brigid, the one who scares him to death, but she’s also the one he’s learned he can’t live without. Oh, can’t you see I can’t wait?? I love these books. They’ve enraptured me! <3

  2. Maryann

    Sad that it will eventually come to and end but I know I’ll read and definitely listen to them over and over again!

  3. As I hit the like button, I also don’t want to. I understand endings, but I don’t like them. Even happy ones, I always have questions. And when that Muse pops in, after a weekend bender, and gives you yet another picture into the lives you thought were settled, That’s when you ask yourself ‘Is an ending really an ending, or just another dandelion seed floating off to infiltrate another story garden?’

    Okay, I’ve worked all night and I haven’t had sleep. Or coffee. It shows.

    1. I can’t imagine anything else to say for Miki and Kane, which isn’t to say I won’t stop in for a short story or something brief but their trials and tribulations should come to an end. 😀 And Kane can spend the rest of his life living with a guy who eats raw ramen noodles.

  4. Mary

    Hi Rhys,
    I cannot tell you how much I love the Sinners series and will certainly be sad when Sin and Tonic comes out but also ecstatic to see how it all comes together. Will the main couple of the book be Miki and Kane or will it be like Absinthe of Malice, focusing around all the couples? I love all the couples but Miki and Kane have a soft spot in my heart as their story started it all and I continually reread their story every so often. Also, would love to get a novella about Forest and Con!! Those two and married life. Yes please! Thank you Rhys for bringing us this incredible series!

    1. We are going to be ending with where we began: Miki and Kane 😀

      And yes, I’d love to do a Forest and Con novella ;D xoxoxoxo


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