Lynn Flewelling, Author of the Nightrunner Series, Needs Our Help.

UPDATE: Lucky has reached his goal! Thank you so very much for your generous donations.

From Lynn: Vet called at 2:30 am to say the Lucky is stabilized and so far not sign of kidney failure. He’ll be with our vet for at least a few days. Thank you all who have donated so quickly and generously. I am so grateful.

Lucky I comfortable staying at the ER for fluids tonight and more at the vet tomorrow. Sorry the updates are sparse. Soon after we left Lucky at the ER I came down with a nasty stomach flu and have been bed ridden myself. I think I have a psychic link with my kitty.

No more donations needed! You all are so wonderful. I thank you and Lucky and my family thank you. This has been a miracle, and saved our boy’s life.

Lucky and Lynn need our help.

Lucky’s GoFundMe can be found here:

Morning or afternoon (whenever the case may be),

Lynn Flewelling needs our help. For those of you who don’t know who Lynn is, she is one of the key seminal authors in the high/urban fantasy wave whose main characters were LGBT. Seregil and Alec were like a godsend to me because I found Lynn’s depiction of them refreshing and welcome. They’re heros of the realm, who just happen to be in love with one another.

Or rather, began to fall in love with one another.

Lynn, along with a few others like Elizabeth Abbey, Andrew Offutt, Gael Baudino, Mercedes Lackey and Janet Morris, and Chris Morris, paved the way for where we walk now. They literally laid down the stones for us. I fully believe we would not be where we are without the battles she and others fought to bring LGBT characters to life and onto our bookshelves.

She has put writing aside for a bit to chase after a long-held dream, becoming a therapist and helping others work through the problems plaguing their hearts and minds. Still, like many authors, she has a cat… Lucky.

And Lucky needs our help. So if you are able to find a few dollars tucked away, PLEASE consider sending them Lynn’s and Lucky’s way. It would mean the world to them both and well, she truly is an author who opened a whole new world to me.

Also, if you can, spread the word. There are so many of us who have read Lynn’s writing and well, I know we can help them out.

If you’ve not read Lynn’s groundbreaking books, The Nightrunner Series, go grab them and really savor the experience. It’s a fantastic fantasy read. (

5 thoughts on “Lynn Flewelling, Author of the Nightrunner Series, Needs Our Help.

  1. MaDonna

    I’m Lynn’s biggest fan – and I told her so in 1996 after reading the first two Nightrunner books back to back;). She wrote me back (back then , actual paper letters!) to tell me I’m one of her first Canadian fans:). Awesome novels! Thanks for posting the GoFundMe info.

  2. Rachael

    Thanks for the heads up. Love her writing and can empathize with the cats & lilies issue. One of my girls had a lily salad while roaming the yard and ended up on a drip at the ER vet. It was seriously scary.

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