Back in the UK!

I am back in the UK. The Salon du Livre was fantastic. Dreamspinner Press and Reines-Beaux were lovely for hosting us and it was a lot of fun. Tiring but fun. We had a huge influx of French readers as well as meeting a few French authors, including the lovely and adorable Rose Darcy (whose books I want in English so I can savor them).

At the moment I am in Swindon and planning out the day. Which will probably include a lot of coffee, chatter and maybe Indian food. Or at least a chippie shop stop. Curry sauce. That might be necessary.

I also have to visit with my godcairn, Halle.

There’s a lot of stuff going on over at home… politically. Bah. We just need to ride this out and try to keep each other and the environment safe.

I’ll have pictures once we get all organized. Much love.

The Glorious Cairn Princess Halle… Oh, and three of the Five. Penn, Tamm and Lea.

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