Back to SoCal

So I am back home. It was a lovely time spent with Mary and the Calmes clan. Or at least in my head. Mostly it was a lot of cooking, a lot of writing, some coffee and a few board games. New Year’s Eve was spent on a ten minute bet which I won and was owed Starbucks. I may or may not have taunted the loser and did a happy dance in the kitchen.


So that was the start of my year.

I came home to discover the dog missed me muchly and the cat has just shoved herself against me so tightly I can feel her heartbeat on my skin. It’s rainy and well, the back yard looks like a swamp. It’s that wet and cold outside.

BUT we don’t have snow.

Rounding down the final chapters of Dim Sum Aslyum so that’s kind of nice. I can’t wait to see the cover for it. Soooo excited. After that, well… I’m going to take a good hard look at what I want to write next. Because right now, I’m writing for 3Q 2017. I’m almost finished with 2017’s books. Isn’t that a bit crazy?  But that’s how it goes.

51usz0397dlWhat’s up with all of you? Are you having fun in this first week of the year? I’m going to catch up on Goblin since I’m a couple of episodes behind. I have a few new books to read: Chosen Pride by Mary Calmes and So This is Christmas by Josh Lanyon.

What are you reading? And what are you looking forward to read? Share. Inquiring minds and all of that. *grins*

12 thoughts on “Back to SoCal

  1. Ivy

    Happy New year Rhys. I just finished a weekend of Bear, Otter and The Kid, by T. J. Klune. I finished The Art of Breathing last night. I loved the series and T. J’s writing style. I laughed and cried. I read Wolfsong last week so good. He’s an amazing writer and his sense of humours is side splitting.

    I’m going to be starting Mad Lizard this weekend, Love love this series. Been waiting for this book so I can’t wait to dive back in to the world of Kai Gracen.

    I also did a relisten to The L’Ange series so I can start Chosen Pride this week. I also love Josh Landon’s books too, I started The Mermaid Murders last week😎

    I’m also a fan of Thea Harrison and will be starting her new Moonshodow series this week, called

    It’s going to be a busy reading week for me.😁😁

  2. Kendra Patterson

    Already read Chosen Pride, it was good. Currently re-reading TJ Klune’s Bear, Otter and the Kid series. Looking forward to reading Aimee Nicole Walker’s new book Something to Dye For. I’m so lucky to have stumbled across so many good authors (yourself included 😜). Happy New Year. Glad you had a fun and safe trip.

  3. Carlene McLaughlin

    I read So This is Christmas as a start to the New Year. Excellent as always. Reading Curse of the Blue Scarab now. Slowly catching up on additions to different series. Plan to start L’Ange series next.

  4. jenf27

    Welcome back home! And happy new year.

    I just finished Seven Summer Nights by Harper Fox yesterday – amazing book. Now am reading Switched by NR Walker. After that…not sure…will dig around in the much-too-long To Read list.

  5. Laura

    Just read those two books during my vacation and am trying to decide what to read next. Having a hard time deciding.

  6. trioseven7

    You’re going to love So This is Christmas, it was fantastic! Happy dance for Jake and Adrien 🙂

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