All Romance ebooks Closure and What Next?

Please note: ARe is closing down effective Dec 31. Download everything you’ve purchased and please know your preorders (which you have paid for) will not be delivered to you. Dreamspinner will honour your purchase with the following caveat of you providing your ARe receipt for the book.

If you have pre-ordered Jordan L. Hawk‘s upcoming novel, please reach out to her and she will make arrangements with you. Jordan’s contact form on her blog can be found here.

I am…angered by the treatment of the community by this publishing and distribution house and I urge all of you to please seek a resolution to your business with them that suits your needs. I cannot give you legal or financial advice but please know, our entire community is affected by this in some way so everyone of course will have a say in what they think should be done.

Please be patient with authors and publishers as they try to resolve this issue for their books. Reach out if you have any questions but most of all, please remember this matter has yet to be fully resolved.

Dreamspinner Press’ Official Announcement (28 Dec 2016)
Announcement in response to All Romance eBook closure notice: If readers pre-ordered Dreamspinner titles on ARe then you will not be able to download them upon release. If rumors are true, ARe will also not refund pre-orders. Therefore, Dreamspinner offers to fulfill readers’ pre-paid Dreamspinner pre-orders from ARe. You need to forward the ARe receipt to contactATdreamspinnerpressDOTcom and the customer service department will be sure you receive the eBook at no additional cost to you. Thank you.

20 thoughts on “All Romance ebooks Closure and What Next?

  1. Any readers who preordered Undertow from ARe can forward the receipt to me at jordanlhawk AT and I’ll send them a link to download the book on release day. (1/20) πŸ™‚

  2. Cherry Starr

    I could just cry. I have over a thousand books in my library at RE I have to backup and don’t know of a way to do it in bulk. The site is so busy I can only get one to five books at a time. Then I get kicked off for non response and I have to start all over. And I have a couple of pre-ordered books I am going to loose.

  3. Gabriella

    They’re not going to refund pre-orders? What kind of business methods are that? Well, seems I’m going to loose the credits (ebook bucks) assigned to my account. I tried use the credits to buy books today, but the button ‘pay with ebook bucks’ is missing.

    And is it just me or don’t you think it’s strange that they’re in such a hurry? I had the closure mail waiting in my inbox this morning and they’re already closing at midnight December 31st. Why this hurry? There has to be something really wrong, that the don’t know of, yet…if it were just a bad financial forecast, you’d close the shop, yes, but you don’t rush doing it. Something has to be really, really wrong, if you ask me.

  4. Not what I was expecting to see when I checked in on your site this morning. It’s shocking that ARe would ask authors to accept a fraction of their earnings and to give their customers so little notice to sort out a transition. What about those customers who don’t hear of the closure? Appalling business ethics!

  5. Maryann

    NineStar Press put out an email saying they will honor any of their companies downloads or preorders as long as you have proof. Sort of glad didn’t have many in my ARE library. But that just wasn’t right I ordered 2 books on the 23rd that were not preorders but that was just to fast for them to shut down. Such a bad way to do business, just like Torque. Customers and Authors just getting ripped off.

  6. Rhys,

    Thank you for sharing. I saw it first on Amber Kell’s site and then yours. I was shocked to see that this was happening so quickly. I wonder how many authors/publishers will just take them to small claims court in order to get a judgement for their royalties. This reminds me of the fiasco with Silver Publishing.

    Luckily, I have less than 200 books on ARe, but I have downloaded my library and sent the docs to kindle. I found that if I opened the library up and did the send to kindle as open in a separate tab, and then let it spin, I could get it to send the books to kindle fairly quickly.

    I did the same for the standard downloads, opened them in separate tabs and it went okay only crashed once or twice.

    As for the ebook bucks,I was able to use them as long as the total was small than the amount of ebooks ordered.

  7. I refused to “reply” and accept their offer of ten cents on the dollar. I’ll wait for the class-action suit (hopefully). All Romance Divine LLC authors who sold in that fourth quarter will be paid their full royalties.

    Greg Causey
    Publisher/CEO Romance Divine LLC

  8. Ree Dee

    I have another gripe. I don’t know why but there must be some underlying reason. I finally decided that I should go through my list of favorite authors to make sure that I could get those books for sure.

    I found out that two of the authors I have purchased from has deleted their catalog so I can’t even download the books that WERE in my library. I’m missing over 30 books that I know of and I am just so frustrated. The process has been really slow and I get messages frequently telling me that all circuits are busy or that the system is down for maintenance.

    I just feel so disheartened that I can’t even think straight about which books I really need and I know I’m going to be sorry later.

    Thanks for listening!


      1. Ree Dee

        Thanks Ree! On a little aside here. I remember you were really excited about KCON. My daughter after almost a year of nagging and commandeering my car radio got me finally listen to some. I really ended up liking it too. Reminds me of my youth! While I’ve been getting frustrated with this ARe thing, she’s been bugging me to watch the performances from the shows last night. I think I wil because it sounds like a lot more fun.

        Thanks again.


  9. Linda

    I too lost my entire library with ARE. All my favorites, hundreds of dollars worth of books. I liked the site for the ease of purchasing, the selection and options on downloads. Had I known the site was failing or had I known earlier the crazy that was happening there between the owners I would have never used used it. All my favorites lost, I could just cry.

    1. If you’ve not already seen it, please look at my recent post about DSP providing copies of all of their titles if you send them a screen cap. πŸ˜€

  10. booklover

    On a side note PublishDrive will also pay to all its publishers their full commissions after the ARe shut down. And they offer better financial terms.They pay their publishers out regardless if they have or have not received the fund from retailers yet. Might be a good alternative.

    1. I dont know if Dreamspinner is partnered with that service. Distribution channels are set up by them. πŸ˜€ I have faith they’ll deal with all of that πŸ˜€

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