Brains Have Leaked Out. Neko Photos and Winners TBA on Nov 20

Actually I think the title kind of says it all. My brains are gone. I’m writing blog posts for the Hanging The Stars blog tour and I’m in England. I also forgot to put a hoodie on when I went to the guest laundry which is by the barn at the Cottages. It’s a bit cold and wet.

So…. yeah. Way too early for an ice bath.

I’ve got all of the Neko pix I believe. I’ll be sorting through the 40 or so entries I got and select one for most creative. Which is gonna be kind of hard. I might have the Five do it. Because that way it’s impartial.

Time for coffee and more blog posts.

Don’t forget Hanging The Stars (Half Moon Bay #2)  is now up for pre-order on Dreamspinner, Amazon, and ARe .

Available for download on Dreamspinner at midnight EST on Dec 5 so you pretty much get it a bit earlier from DSP. Available for download at Dec 5 midnight your time on all third party vendors.

hanging-the-starsHanging The Stars
Angel Daniels grew up hard, one step ahead of the law and always looking over his shoulder. A grifter’s son, he’d learned every con and trick in the book but ached for a normal life. Once out on his own, Angel returns to Half Moon Bay where he once found… and then lost… love.

Now, Angel’s life is a frantic mess of schedules and chaos. Between running his bakery and raising his troubled eleven-year-old half brother, Roman, Angel has a hectic but happy life. Then West Harris returns to Half Moon Bay and threatens to break Angel all over again by taking away the only home he and Rome ever had.

When they were young, Angel taught West how to love and laugh, but when Angel moved on, West locked his heart up and threw away the key. Older and hardened, West returns to Half Moon Bay and finds himself face-to-face with the man he’d lost. Now West is torn between killing Angel or holding him tight.

But rekindling their passionate relationship is jeopardized as someone wants one or both of them dead, and as the terrifying danger mounts, neither man knows if the menace will bring them together or forever tear them apart.

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    1. In paperback? Yes. You should be able to order it off of DSP, Amazon and others. I think. Sometimes it takes a bit for Amazon to catch up 😀

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