Did Everyone Get Their Neko In?

14441195_681284908691357_3837257438089859780_nIf you haven’t given me your photo of your GRL Neko, get it to me today! I shall be pulling the winners tomorrow morning!

Don’t miss out on the prizes! Remember, THREE are randomly chosen.  (1 $100 and 2 $50) and one most creative ($100). Numbers are assigned in order of entry.

email your photos to rhysford@vitaenoir.com

2 thoughts on “Did Everyone Get Their Neko In?

  1. Naureen

    Can a neko be an orange cat? They behave like a double dose of neko and I can’t get a stuffed one because they will tear it apart in seconds and I can’t handle the carnage.

    1. Heh 😀 Sadly no. It’s got to be one of the Neko from the GRL contest. 😀 But I will have another contest where people can take a picture of their pets or stuffed animals!

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