Good Morning and Happy Halloween

Just a reminder! If you went to GRL and have a Neko, your picture deadline is fast approaching! Nov 6th! I’ll be selecting the winners afterwards.

In other news, I started edits for my March book, There’s This Guy. I’ll be sharing that blurb and cover soon.

The cold I picked up at GRL is lingering but I have a few days to knock it out of my body. I get on a plane to the UK on Thursday night. It’d best be gone.

Colds make it hard to write so my brain’s just been mush for the past two weeks. Nothing done on the MS but ah, today! TODAY I shall rise again.

Morning started off with coffee and well, more coffee.

Tonight we’ll be handing out candy and mini plush animals for Halloween. We get a good amount of kids. Last year we almost ran out of candy. I probably should go get some back up.

So the question of the day… what was your favourite Halloween costume or if you don’t celebrate Halloween, what would you want to dress up as?

2 thoughts on “Good Morning and Happy Halloween

  1. jenf27

    Hope you knock that cold right out and have a productive day and a great trip!

    Mini plush animals – wow – my son would love your house. 🙂

    My favorite costume when I was a kid was the chocolate pop tart costume my grandmother and I made. I think I was 8 or 9 years old.

  2. meep

    mini plush toys? I love that idea.

    No-one has knocked here, loads of kids last year, all sizes; wonder if they were celebrating Saturday I was out all day so would have missed them. ….anyone for some Haribo?

    I was never that imaginative, and Halloween has only gotten big in recent years – I was always a witch, sometimes a cat-witch. My favourite visitor last year was a tiny little Vampire in full fancy garb and the biggest biggest grin. I bet he got all the treats! This year one of the women came to work at 6am dressed up as a raggedy bloodied zombie, looked brilliant 😀

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