Saturday! Saturday!

Morning everyone.

It’s been a bit since we’ve sat and visited. To be fair, my brain’s a bit fried and I’ve just done two conventions back to back. A lot of plane rides, a lot of hotel rooms not slept in and food on the go. Lots of food on the go. I have a camera someplace with photos on the SD card and I haven’t downloaded any yet.

I just finished the book slotted for March 2017. It’s a… sort of contemporary romance. Sort of? My version of one. You know, a light fluffy affair where everyone drinks tea and has crumpets. Which actually sounds kind of good right now. It was a struggle writing the book mostly because really, my first instinct is… MURDER! I swear, it’s an addiction.

I can get back to murder and magic in my next project; Dim Sum Asylum. I’m looking forward to expanding the short I wrote in Charmed and Dangerous and seeing where that leads to.

Following that I’m up for Murder/Mayhem 2 and Hellsinger 3. There’s a bit of question regarding Hellsinger 3. Do I make it a Cin book? Or do I keep with Wolf and Tristan? I don’t know yet but I do have a theme and I kinda want to see Tristan deal with clowns.

I’ve also just had about 32 ounces of coffee and so could go back to sleep for a couple of  hours.

Whatcha all up to?

11 thoughts on “Saturday! Saturday!

  1. Stan Errington

    I take my hat off to you Rhys. I don’t know how you do it, but thankfully for us you keep doing it and producing your brilliant books.

  2. Shannon

    Watching Expedition Unknown and chilling with my cat Aiko. All while trying to figure out how to plot out a short story for a contest.

  3. Kendra

    Nice to slow down and breathe deep huh?😜 Thx for the news on what’s in our future reading. Enjoy a nap. I’m just going to work then enjoy two days off.

  4. I enjoyed all the murder mysteries in all the series! I’m so excited for the new books and all hype for Murder/Mayhem 2. I adore Rook & Montoya. Please get some much needed rest and have a wonderful day!

  5. Cherry Starr

    Hello Rhys.
    I am being entertained by my new kitty companion. My nephew captured her for me. I guess my family decided I’d been without cat long enough. Lol. And a stray had kittens in the hay barn so… You know, looking for homes.
    Peekaboo (named for spending 4 days hiding under the bed & peeking at me) was the runt of the litter and was not getting her fair share of the food. She is a little tuxedo. Think Neko with a white upper lip instead of the lower.
    She’s been living with me for a month now and has gotten brave enough to sneak up and slap my foot before she runs for her life. Always watching me and showing off her new tricks as she invents them. And of course her favorite toys are the ones with jingle bells.
    Ok. Enough about my new baby. We all know how cute kittens are. Speaking of babies, I have a new nephew this week!
    I am always looking forward to your next book.

  6. Elf

    I’m working the Renaissance festival in Maryland.. Pretty much work 7 days a week right now. I can’t wait to kick back and read some books 🙂

  7. Jennifer

    Really looking forward to see Roku in a full length novel! I bought Charmed and Dangerous because it had a story from you in it.

    Okay, and because JCP had a Psycops short in it… but you and she were tied. 🙂

  8. voyagerrenee8

    Yay!! I too can’t wait for Roku’s story to continue. And after what happened with the creepy dolls, I can’t wait to read what might happen with clowns and Tristan!

    I hope you get some rest!!

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