Blog tour for Mad Lizard Mambo starts on Sept 5! Giveaways at every stop. A dragon in every garage!

Okay that last sentence was a lie but the giveaway part is true!

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5 thoughts on “Sooooooooooon!

  1. jenf27

    Woot! For the blog tour. But, darn that the dragon part wasn’t true. That would have gotten me to finally clean out the garage. 😉

  2. JavaChip

    Love the dragon animation! Any plans for Kai posters/ t-shirts/ etc? Now we just have to hang in there 10 more days….

  3. younela

    I’m looking forward to the blog tour, but I’m gutted there are no Garage Dragons, I would have built a garage for one! 😩😂😩😂

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