979462095-angry-wet-catI am by nature, kinda grumpy.

Like wet cat grumpy. I admit it. I try not to be but for the most part, I like to stew in my own head and mutter dark, foul things at my thoughts. It works for me. I try not to inflict that on others.

But some days… you just cannot fight the wet, grumpy cat inside of you.

Yesterday evening, the nasty hellspawn of a wet cat reared its sopping, disgruntled head and made itself known.

And I still kind of hellspawn pissy at the moment. There are some reasons for it, minor ones and usually I can let those go but apparently, not today. I MIGHT just need more coffee. Or I have a disgruntlement going. That happens too. And I just have to let it seep out and go away.

What about you? Whatcha do to get rid of the grumps?

24 thoughts on “*grumbles*

  1. Janel

    I usually say bugger it and go back to bed. Either with a full pot of hot tea and a book or to curl up in my blankets with ear plugs and an eye mask to sleep.

  2. Brigitte Caperton

    Something physical, that requires concentration and requires you to be in the HERE and NOW. For me a hard ride on one of my horses or sparring in Tae Kwon Do does the trick. And of course the happy endorphins from working out make you feel better too. Jogging does not work – too much head time and I end up grumpier than I started. But kicking people? Oh, that works just fine.

  3. Val Barden

    Red wine, dark chocolate, a good book, and a dog snuggling will usually put me to rights

  4. jenf27

    I lose myself in a good book or, less frequently, watch something funny. (I am currently nearing the end Parks and Rec on Netflix). If I am really mad, I take a walk with an audiobook.

    P.S. OMG – that cat picture. It startled a laugh out of me when it popped onto my screen.

  5. I stick my head in a book, or do something arty/crafty, and ignore that the rest of the world exists until I regain enough equilibrium to deal with it all again without feeling stabby.

  6. I find someone to listen to the gripes…..find a way to make it funny….(even if it’s in very bad taste) and sometimes I just sound the Hell off on FB – (with appropriate warnings that I just need to open the Gates of Hell and let off steam!)

  7. darlingchristie

    When finding myself in a bit of a surly mood, I usually take a walk around one of the nearby lakes while listening to an audiobook. The solitude and activity help calm my mood, and the audiobook improves it.

    Recently, however, a couple friends gaveme some adult coloring books. So, when the weather inhibits a nice long rant walk, I have taken to coloring. Surprisingly, that helps quite well for me too.

  8. isisrising4sandra

    I’m a creative person, and working with torches and metal usually manages to push any grumps into corners, niding from my rampaging creativity. There’s just something magical about playing with fire and hammers on metal 🙂

  9. Elorie

    I either go back to bed and try to sleep it off, or go play or JR Ward, and bury myself in it.

  10. Elorie

    read a book by JR Ward or Suzanne Brockmann
    (my computer is giving me a case of grumblies right now by dropping p[eces of my reply)

  11. Shannon Hayes

    I watch hours of anime music videos with heavy metal music, or sit there while thinking of all the ways I can kill the thing making me grumpy and then contemplate if going to jail would be worth it.

  12. Elorie

    lol That sounds a lot like me, too. I try to plan the perfect crime, but since I watch too much csi I always think of the ways I’ll get caught

  13. I am trying to stay positive while dealing with yet another injury to one of my horses. It has been stressful to fit three stable visits a day plus trying to work more hours to pay for it. So, I have been listening to the entire Dresden Files audio books again. And trying to sleep more. Taking long walks in the sierras has been helping as well. Luckily, I live very close to some nice and easy trails.

  14. Patricia

    Certainly not cuddly kitten pictures. Mostly reading something good, I mean really good. Currently I’m immersed in “Absinthe of Malice” – I’m not disgruntled at all!

  15. Jennifer

    I call it being a curmudgeon. Grumpy on the outside heart of gold on the inside. Everyone need to mutter darkly sometimes. It releases the bad things so you can see the good things again. I know from experience. I also have a tattoo on my wrist that says ” it could be worse” just incase I forget. 😆

  16. Marilyn Adam


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