Kind of Full Circle. Black Dog Blues will be Translated into Korean.

Korean_BDB(This is not the actual cover. Simply a mock up with badly translated Korean)

I got an email last night informing me Black Dog Blues will be published in Korean. I don’t know the timeline of when but it will be in eBook format and well, in hangul.

I’ve got other books translated into other languages and it’s overwhelming, really because it’s kind of never something I’d imagined would happen.

Especially not when I was 12 years old in Waianae, hammering away on an old Royal manual typewriter and trying to ignore people telling me I was an idiot to think I’d ever actually write a book.

As hard as it is to ignore people who try to make you less than you are, try. Please. Just push forward. And I’m the pot calling the kettle black here because I do it too. But we have to soldier on.

It’s been an odd, long journey. And my first serious push into writing something in book form was driven by an exploration into the Korean culture. So there we go, full circle.

I’m excited to announce Kai will also be in French as are Rook and Dante and well, the Sinners Boys. Cole is in Italian and the Hellsinger crew are in German. And… I can’t keep track. Heh. I wonder if I can convince Greg to become fluent in Italian so he can do audiobooks in it. *grins*

And to all the Cassies out there, saranghae-yo. Keep the Faith.


7 thoughts on “Kind of Full Circle. Black Dog Blues will be Translated into Korean.

  1. Mary Sebers

    The pix of Kai on the cover of BDB is much cuter/sexier than the new one. Had to get that out of my system.
    I enjoy kdramas & a couple of male KPop groups. The culture can be confusing to one from the West.
    Congrats on the Korean version!

  2. Wooot! (I’ve been learning Korean. So far I know 17 words. When I can remember them. I don’t think I’ll be able to read the book…. But woot anyway. 🙂

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