Let’s talk about stuff I should be doing and what I have been doing.

  1. Writing. Yeah, I know. There’s a lot of that. I actually have no life. Seriously. None. Although I did go to lunch with the Crewe yesterday and had a fantastic fried tilapia. We’ve made a promise to do the catfish next time.
  2. A cold. I can’t shake this cold I’ve had for more than week. Mostly it makes me feel rundown and my head is stuffy.
  3. Did I mention the writing… let’s go in depth with the fuckery that is the brain.

I’d started to write Murder 2 but the plot just wasn’t working for me. Sometimes, that happens. Sometimes, it’s best to just put it aside and let it marinate. Not happy about that but not working is not working.

So I had a couple of discussions with the powers that be and went in a different direction, a different book. We’ll see how it turns out. It’s a bit of a side street for me… like a very left-left turn but it’s been an interesting write. It’s funny how by going against the norm in my writing is like retraining my brain. The little grey matter cells are all… okay, dead body HERE. No? How about here? Here then?

It’s been… odd. A rewiring of my brain’s circuits. Not bad. Just odd.

We’ve been playing Pokemon on and off. It’s been fun. Mostly it’s been cool to watch people have so much fun.

And I started this blog and wandered off. Seriously, my brain’s just with it.

So I have to do a blog tour for Kai. Whatcha all think I should do for the posts?

11 thoughts on “Meandering.

  1. Maryann

    What is that about writing? All I have to do is write reviews and I get stuck in stupid!!! I’m not writing a book it’s just what I think.

    I have to mention this again. I bought Jaime Reese’s “A Restored Man” on audio. Well, it’s Greg narrating. I’m hearing Cole and Bobby and shades of Jae. I think because I’ve listened to all the audios it’s going to be hard not to hear their voices. And to top it off there’s a character by the name of Cole!

    1. That’s funny because I don’t hear that at all but I think we get used to hearing a narrator for a series and we go there? Does that make sense? I’m on cold meds. Forgive me 😀

      1. Maryann

        I agree! I think it’s the “mind” we just go there because we got so use to Greg. We never want Cole and the guys to go away!

  2. isisrising4sandra

    Well, maybe have Kai’s view on different dragons with a tie-in short story for each type? The dragon poster I have on my studio door features ten different types, so that would be ten stops with ten small stories about the beasties Kai’s encuntered. Just a thought …

    – Erulisse

  3. Michelle

    If it’s not spoilery for the rest of the books, maybe a bit of history on the world, i.e. 1960 the merge happened, 1965 humans first encounter the fae, 1975 the humans and the fae go to war, etc, etc until the present, with a little more detail at each stop. You could even talk about what happened in different cities and countries or something like that? It might give you a chance to flesh out some details that the books themselves wont. I know I’d love to know more about that world. <3

    If not that, I like isisrising's idea above. Maybe each post be a little bit more about the different types of dragons in that world?

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