6 thoughts on “Morning! Where yat?

  1. Yaoi Con! I didn’t know they existed in the US! Ohhh maaan. Well, plans for next yr then. As for the next 6 months, job hunting, squaring away the temporary new apartment in a new town hopefully on the way to the Cali or Oregon coast. Will be working to pay rent so we has some play time with online gaming and writing and reading the third installment of Hellsinger series. *coughs politely* 🙂 Pairing down further to create a more Zen lifestyle and looking at a new 250cc scooter. My poor baby’s getting to that age though I love her so.

  2. Mary Sebers

    Yaoicon! WOW didn’t know that existed. Perhaps someone can tell me how to find the whole of ” Maiden Rose”. I can find the first but no more.

      1. Yep, ordered my ticket already!!! And I know exactly what book I want to donate….

        Wonder if they’ll take a set…

  3. Hey, I’ll be at GRNW. For real this time… Going to be on a panel on writing sex scenes. 🙂 Hope I get to see you there, maybe say more than hi. 😉

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