Hairless Cats and Water

Someone asked me if Quinn’s cat, Harley, really would have be that interested in water. Well, yes. Oddly enough… or rather against all stereotypes…some cats love water. I personally have never been owned by a cat who loved water but they do exist.

8 thoughts on “Hairless Cats and Water

  1. I knew a cat once whose people couldn’t keep him out of the swimming pool. He also fetched tennis balls and liked to go for walks on a leash. We don’t think he knew he was a cat.

  2. Cappa

    I just fell into a YouTube hole of Sphinx cats in bathtubs. I have no regrets 🐈

  3. I love the fact Quinn’s cat is a Sphinx they’re my favorite breed despite all my friends thinking they’re ugly 🙁

  4. I couldn’t decide between Neko & Harley who would won the best cat award, and then to make it harder..comes Dude..

  5. steelergrrl43

    My aunt had a cat his name was Charlie and he was a water fanatic. You couldn’t take a shower or bath without
    without him.

  6. Sadonna

    We had a cat that loved to jump up in the utility room tubs and let the water drip all over his head. Apparently he was a “shower” guy and not a “bath” guy 😉 LOL! He also liked belly rubs – would wait for us to come home, walk to the middle of the front room and flop over on his back for us to rub his belly. He climbed the Christmas tree and would look out at us from the branches. He particularly liked the baby Jesus from our nativity and we never knew where we would find him. Best. Cat. Ever. He freaked out when my dad died. But he did eventually recover and get back to his regular self. He was a big long-haired white cat with a huge plume tail and his name was Angel 😀

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