Creature Feature 2 Query.

22851126Anyone read or like Creature Feature 2? If so, consider leaving a review on Amazon. I’m asking for a friend. Literally. *grins*

For…reasons *laughs* We’re actually testing a new system but it needs 20 reviews to work. Nothing untoward will be gained by these reviews. It’s simply a system test. *crosses heart*

Link to book.

11 thoughts on “Creature Feature 2 Query.

    1. I think if you can leave it on both. You don’t have to show a verified purchase. It just needs to be there. We’re testing a system for the books but they need a min of 20 and this is a good base book to test on 😀 Thank you! xoxoxoxo

  1. Elorie

    I am trying to comment on the next post about the people who took a picture of the naked woman and the pilot who tweeted about H Clinton. Oddly enough, the site says, oops not found. Is this my computer or the site? What I want to say is where does the first amendment of freedom of speech stop and become freedom of hate, freedom of greed and malice? There needs to be consequences for malice and if that means losing one’s job etc, that was the chance you took
    when you take advantage of freedom of speech to use it for hate.
    As for forgiveness, well, I am not very forgiving and I say that for these people the chances of them improving is slight to none. Bigotry and hate doesn’t change when you ignore it. Consequences don’t always work either.. You can think what you like but when you use it to hurt or destroy others, that is not acceptable.

    1. People were getting very hateful in some places and I just didn’t want to deal with the negative 😀 Because it had nothing to do about the examples and more about the conversation of how do we heal ourselves. 😀 So I sighed and said… nope.

      How are you doing. Okay?

  2. Elorie

    I feel badly for the victims and I hope there is a chance people can reconsider and think about what they are doing. Sometimes people need consequences before they realize th e the damages do. Here in Dallas, amazingly a lot of the adversaries are coming together to try to give support to the men who didn’t deserve to die (police and civilians) and maybe they will make a difference.

  3. Cappa

    Review added! I had to keep it short because I was typing on my tablet, but at least it’s up. Good luck with your test!

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