Guest Post: Charlie Cochet Stops by with A Smoke & Mirrors Blog Tour Post and Giveaway!


Hello, all! Thank you all so much for joining me here today as we kick off the Smoke & Mirrors blog tour! A big thank you to the awesome Rhys Ford for having me today as we celebrate the release of the 7th book in the THIRDS series. To start off the tour, I thought I’d share a little about our resident gummy-bear-munching hero Dexter J. Daley.

In book 1 of the series we’re introduced to Dexter Justice Daley. We’re now at book 7 and Dex has come a heck of a long way. He’s been dragged through hell and back, yet he always manages to get back up, brush himself off, and find his smile again. Dex never loses himself, or his sense of humor. Always ready with a one liner, snappy comeback, or a joke, Dex is the heart of the THIRDS.




Genre: Paranormal Gay Romance
Series: THIRDS
Length: Novel
Published: July 8th, 2016
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase
Ebook ISBN-13: 9781634773871
Paperback ISBN-13: 9781634773874

Life for Dexter J. Daley has never been easy, but he’s always found a way to pick himself back up with a smile on his face. Taken from his home, and the arms of his boyfriend and THIRDS partner, Sloane Brodie, Dex finds himself in a situation as mysterious and lethal as the Therian interrogating him. Dex learns what he’s secretly believed all along: his parents’ death wasn’t an accident.

Discovering the whole truth about John and Gina Daley’s homicide sets off a series of events that will change Dex and Sloane’s lives forever. As buried secrets rise to the surface and new truths are revealed, Dex and Sloane’s love for each other is put to the test, with more than their relationship on the line. If traversing the waters of murder and secret government agencies wasn’t enough, something inexplicable has been happening to Dex—and nothing will ever be the same.








Charlie_Cochet_by_madison_parker150Charlie Cochet is an author by day and artist by night. Always quick to succumb to the whispers of her wayward muse, no star is out of reach when following her passion. From adventurous agents and sexy shifters, to society gentlemen and hardboiled detectives, there’s bound to be plenty of mischief for her heroes to find themselves in, and plenty of romance, too!

Currently residing in Central Florida, Charlie is at the beck and call of a rascally Doxiepoo bent on world domination. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading, drawing, or watching movies. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.

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Hell & High Water (THIRDS, Book 1)
Blood & Thunder (THIRDS Book 2)
Rack & Ruin (THIRDS, Book 3)
Rise & Fall (THIRDS, Book 4)
Against the Grain (THIRDS, Book 5)
Catch a Tiger by the Tail (THIRDS, Book 6)
Smoke & Mirrors (THIRDS, Book 7)


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32 thoughts on “Guest Post: Charlie Cochet Stops by with A Smoke & Mirrors Blog Tour Post and Giveaway!

  1. younela

    I think Dex is my overall favourite, but, the others take a turn, especially around their own stories/books. I definitely want Taylor to get a HEA. Congratulations Charlie on possibly the best series EVER but also for making it a continuous experience for us all.

  2. My favorite character has to be Dex, although I love all of them. Dex is a joy to read. He has such a great sense of humor and even though he has had a rough time, he takes it all and doesn’t let it keep him down.
    I’d love to see Tony get a book, he is such an intriguing character.

  3. My favourite character is Ash. Why? Because I’m a Leo, that’s why!! ;-)) but overall the Destructive Delta were adorable!
    And I’d like to see Hudson & Seb got their HEA. Again. For good this time.
    Thank you for the chance, Charlie. Congrats on the release & good luck blog touring with the boys! 🙂

  4. Josie

    I really love Tony. He loves his kids unconditionally, knows who they are and raised them to be such honorable, intelligent and all-around awesome men. He deserves someone to have his back at home like his sons and team have found.

  5. Brenda

    Dex is my favorite, with Hobbs a close second. As for the HEA Seb and Hudson, can’t wait to read that one.

  6. Chelci

    I think my favorite is probably Ash. But I can’t wait for Austin and Zachary. An Seb and Hudson, an all the other couples to get their Hea. ( Bradley and Lou , Learn more about Sparks an Tony… maybe even Rafe an Nena. And of course Taylor) I love them all thank u Charlie

  7. Geraldine

    My favourite, to be honest, as much as I love 💖 Dex and Sloane, I think I have a little bit of a Seb crush going on!

  8. Favourite would be Dex. He was the reason I started reading the series. All the characters have grown on me, he is the sunshine. The reason Sloane has his heart back and is descending less into the darkness. The reason that the team is still together. Gabe’s death almost tore the team apart.

    Happy ever after would Seb and Hudson. I understand why Seb feels he has to remain apart, but at the point of driving oneself mad, should sit down and have a heart to heart with Seb. There would be others too, but this is the pair that I have my hopes on. Some of the others (Ash for one) got it together and realised that his love for Cael should be what he focuses on. Hopefully Seb does the same.

  9. edga

    Ash became my favourite character. Of all in the books, I think his character development has been the most extreme. Loved him especially in Smoke and Mirrors.

  10. debby236

    Hard to pick one. I love Dex and Sloane. Then there is Cael and Ash is better. Smoke and Mirrors was amazing.

  11. Donna Mayer

    I love Ethan, he’s so sweet, just want to hug him. I missed him in Smoke and Mirrors.

  12. It’s hard to choose a favorite character because they all are unique in their own way and contribute so much to the series. I must confess I’m in love with Tony and his lines are some of the ones I enjoy the most. Dex is hilarious, even under difficult situations. Want Austen, Seb and Hudson, Lou and Bradley, and Taylor to get their HEAs.

  13. Lira

    Dex is my favorite! He’s such a charming and funny character! <3 I want poor Taylor to get his HEA!!

  14. Jackie G

    Love the series, while I adore Dex and his family. I love Ash and and I agree with Sloane those two (Dex and Ash) are just too cute.

  15. H.B.

    I love Dex but I also love Sloane. I can’t pick one over the other since we usually see them stuck together.

  16. I’ve always had a soft spot for Sloane….and Dex….they are a package for me 🙂
    can’t wait for Seb and Hudson to get their HEA

  17. Elizabeth Stanton

    I am in love with this series and I couldn’t be more happy for Sloane and Dex. Now its time to patiently wait for Seb and Hudson and Austin and Zach

  18. ayesha

    Dex has always been my favorite..he is the kind of person who will bring a smile on your face despite a shot mood..but right I’m a little attracted to Mr Wolf..I want want to know more about him..will he be the Villain or on the good side..will he has a story??

  19. Heather Rawlins

    My favourite is Ash. He seems to get a little bashing as not likable, and I really do. I want the best for him. His assholeness makes him more real and likable to me. I hope that they all get their happily ever afters but I guess I can’t wait to see what happens to Taylor.

  20. Alexis

    Dex is by far my favorite, he is just so goofy and adorable. I would really like to see Seb and Hudson get their HEA.

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