12 thoughts on “Um…okay :D

  1. πŸ‘€LMAO….Patrick in chaps?! Tho he looked good in the jeans & boots πŸ˜„
    That is too funny & disturbing as well. All I can say is Wow!….just Wow!
    Now I will picture Captain Picard breaking out country croons & line dancing.*shakes head*

  2. Oh captain, my captain. What did I just watch? I was somewhere between laughing and going, “but…but…where’s the button to order. Dad would love this!” LOL!

  3. Cherry Starr

    Is this a joke? How did I not know he sings? Somehow it just seems all kinds of wrong to hear that coming from his mouth. 😹

  4. meep

    LOL that’s….different.
    Charity album for International Rescue Committee, you can buy a 5-track sampler online.
    I think I’ll give it a miss but still good for him πŸ˜€ funny.

  5. Elorie

    Is this for real? Patrick Stewart has lost his mind. I just cant believe those songs coming out of his mouth. He’s been doing bizarre wine commercials too. Maybe his new wife needs more money to spend. It is just WRONG. And I really like some of those songs.

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