TODAY! Live Chat with Rhys Ford and Greg Tremblay. 4 to 6 pm PST. / 7 to 9 pm EST

Don’t forget to join us! We have an epic event happening this Saturday (July 2nd), 4pm PDT, 7pm EDT! Join us at this link for the Live Chat.

Prizes drawn every half hour! At 4, 4:30, 5 and 5:30 PST, an entry blog post will for listeners to comment on. Each post will be “live” for half an hour then taken down. Winners will be drawn from the comments on those posts every half hour starting at 4:30. So, if you comment on the 4 pm post, you are entered to win during the 4:30 pm drawing. The last drawing will be held at 6 pm PST.

Half Hour One
Entry Post Live at 4 pm PST — 4:30 PST drawing

Brunch Winner 1
Signed paperback of their choice.
5 lbs Albanese Gummi Bears
$25 (B&N), gift certificates
$50 gift certificate (online store of choice)

Half Hour Two
Entry Post Live at 4:30 pm PST — 5:00 PST drawing

Brunch Winner 2
Vietnamese Coffee Kit
An embroidered SFPD Morgan hoodie
$100 gift certificate (online store of choice)

Half Hour Three
Entry Post Live at 5 pm PST — 5:30 PST drawing

Brunch Winner 3
Signed paperback of their choice.
Vietnamese Coffee Kit
$25 (B&N), gift certificates
$50 gift certificate (online store of choice)

Half Hour Four
Entry Post Live at 6 pm PST — 6:30 PST drawing

Brunch Winner 4
5 lbs Albanese Gummi Bears
A hand forged Neko bottle opener
Become a character in Tramps & Thieves
$100 gift certificate (online store of choice)


9 thoughts on “TODAY! Live Chat with Rhys Ford and Greg Tremblay. 4 to 6 pm PST. / 7 to 9 pm EST

  1. Rhys, I’m so excited I’m wiggling like a puppy. Amazing prizes, but even better two solid hours of you and Greg Tremblay. Need more coffee and I’ve gotta hustle to clear the decks before 4 pm. Huge smiles.

  2. Damn I missed that!☹️ Will watch it after the fact tho👍🏽
    So I finally sat myself down & read Dirty Heart.
    Can I say yet again that I LOVE Mama Claudia? It was a rough last ride with Cole & I am embarrassed that I did not even think of ,let alone guess what it was that sent Ben postal until right before the end. I don’t know why, but that never even entered my mind! lol …but the truth was still as tragic & pointless,& soooo unnecessary! It still broke my heart, but thank you for affirming Rick & Coles love for each other🌞 The truth just highlighted just how broken & in the end bug nuts crazy Ben was😕…of course the whole shooting his partner & partners lover then offing himself was kind of a big ‘ol clue! ….& can I just say that Coles 1st partner totally takes the cake in crazy! I am sad that young Cole touched that! *shudders*
    Tho I feel bad about Ben & his issues, I just can’t wrap my head around his answer to those issues or how he could say he loved Cole or anyone when love had nothing to do with what he chose to do!! Yes the crazy I know!
    *Hugs* thank you so much for giving us Cole & all his crazy circumstances…omg the wedding was hysterical!😄 I hope we get peeks into their future😘
    Ok I think I have waaay over used crazy today. Putting that away for now lol

    1. Hugs. I am happy you liked the book! And yes, Cole…. poor Cole. He and Rick loved one naother deeply and I wanted to make sure I never took that away from the story. Because he and Rick did have a good life together.

      And Ben… well Ben. Sometimes things just overwhelm and his problems certainly did that.

      BUT Cole and Jae are happy and heh… the wedding. So much fun.

      Thank you again, love.

  3. I wanted to post a review for you too, so please forgive my laziness!👀 lol I copied & pasted * grins*

    I look forward to all your stories that are coming.😎

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