16 thoughts on “Absinthe of Malice is Now Live!

  1. meep

    Congrats on the release 😀
    Thank you for writing more of the boys.

    If only I didn’t need to sleep! But I can sneak a chapter first…

  2. isisrising4sandra

    I’ve been loving the blog tour. Reading this is so bittersweet. Think I’ll have to re-read the entire series after Abisinthe … just because!!!

  3. I had an early morning meeting today and I made the mistake of thinking I could read JUST a little bit of Absinthe of Malice last night when it dropped on the Kindle. HAH! Buttoned it up at 2 AM and was so excited I didn’t sleep worth a hoot. Difficult being perky on three hours sleep. Doing a few things and then diving back into the book. OMG, Rhys, AoM is beyond my wildest dreams; I’m having trouble wiping away the perma-grin! You, my dear, are a goddess! Hugs.

    1. awwwwwww thank you!!!!

      This book is such a risk because it’s totally outside of the “Sinners” framework but oh, so much fun to write. *HUGS*

  4. Got it last night, started it, had to sleep, finished it today. Absolutely loved it. Can’t wait to find out the meaning of the tattoo and the woman who visits Ellie.

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