Okay, I know I’ve been lean on content. Blog wise. Because oh man, the brain’s been hammering at Half Moon 2 for the past eight weeks and it’s dead. The brain. Not the book. The book is done but for the edits and once it’s sent it, I’ll release the Screaming Camel of Happiness.

So sooooooooon.

Today is America’s Memorial Day, a day we set aside to remember and honour those in uniform who gave their lives in the defense of our country.

I have been blessed in that while I know people in the military, I have not lost anyone but the hole in others’ lives, that sacrifice a family has made, is heart-wrenching and we can never say thank you enough.

These are not just lives lost in a war. These are also lives lost in peace… in assistance… in support to other nations.

But they are not lost in vain.

I hope you are all doing well. And that everyone around you is safe, healthy and happy.

Hugs. To all of you.

7 thoughts on “Monday.

  1. Jan

    Yay!!! No the brain thing but the Half Moon thing. Just curious–with there be another Rook and Dante book?

      1. Jan

        Yep–totally missed this. Release date? Greg “Can’t go to sleep without that voice” Tremblay Audio? Seriously love these characters–lots more to learn about these guys. 😎

  2. Cherry

    Aaaaa.. did I miss the memo about Charmed and Dangerous? How did I not know about it? Soon as payday rolls around I’m gonna nab that thing!

      1. Cherry

        FYI. Maybe I’ll find someone new to me but I’m buying for your story. 🙂

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