Oh Man…

tumblr_inline_o43jeifa9H1tzow6j_500The feels.

When you delete the shortcut to the Dirty series from your desktop.


Of all the things…of every event during this ride… fuck that hit me the hardest.

Everything is still there. Still saved. Still in the background in the rush of noise of my life but…

That shortcut folder marked Dirty Series is now gone.

19 thoughts on “Oh Man…

  1. Tamika

    I really dislike seeing anything Dirty mentioned. The ending is still so fresh in my heart. I could only imagine how hard it’s been on you. **hugs**

  2. Jill

    I know the intense, painful, hollow ache I feel when I have to say goodbye to beloved characters when I finish a series, it’s overwhelming…. I cannot even imagine what it is like to be their creator, their mom. Thank you for giving them to me, for sharing them with me.

  3. It’s a bit sad, but their not gone, just put away… for now.

    And besides…. More room for the new and exciting!!

    But every once an a while you might want to take a peek… you never know what they can be up to.

    You wouldn’t want them up to something with out you.

  4. Curtis Scribner

    This makes me even more sad Rhys. I pre-ordered the book and it is sitting on my Kindle, but I hate the ending of a series and I have not read it yet. Now I see your post and it makes me even more concerned about what will transpire. I will have to find a special time to read the final book – ARGH! LOL

    Thank you very much for the Dirty series Rhys – extremely well done

    1. Smooches. It’ll be fine. I promise. Mostly that shortcut has been with me for five years and now, it was time to remove it. Such melancholy. πŸ˜€ xoxo

  5. I just finished Dirty Hearts this morning … There was most definitely a “Holy F’ing Shite” released near the end and then some epic happy flailing and then an emptiness because I realized it’s over …

    HOWEVER … the ending left me happy and delighted and I loved it. Thank you for the wonderful ending and for sharing Jay, Cole, Scarlet, Bobby (Omg … I’m going to miss him calling Cole Princess!), Ichi, Mike, Maddie and everyone else in their lives with us. <3

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