The world hiccupped…

Someone I work with passed away today.

At work. In a flurry of confusion, pain and worry, the world hiccupped and Death took her.

I don’t have any golden words to impart. Nothing brilliant to say about the shortness of life and the eternity of love. What I can say is she was a lovely person to me. She brushed up against my life in bits and threads but I liked her.

Death does come on silent wings at times. Sadly, there is never that second we should get to say goodbye or give one final kiss.

My best wishes to her family. Death is a heavy burden to carry, heavier than a lost friend or a broken heart. It does lighten over time—the sting of Death—but it leaves one numb and sometimes paralyzed. It’s hard to walk around a gaping wound in one’s life. I can only hope her family knows she loved them deeply. In the little we spoke about the tiny things in our lives, I knew she loved the people she held close.

So, now is when I tell you to let people you love know they are loved by you. They are hard words to say. I get that. And it’s hard sometimes to say them through the day to day annoyances and grumbles we have but say them. And make sure people know you mean them.

18 thoughts on “The world hiccupped…

  1. Sue Kesby

    My deepest sympathy, Rhys. It’s particularly hard when someone is taken so unexpectedly, with no time for final words of love and friendship, but I’m glad for her sake that she didn’t have to face a slow decline. I hope the memories of your time with her will remain bright and I’m glad you had the pleasure of knowing her. My condolences to her family.

  2. Madonna

    “She brushed up against my life in bits and threads.” Oh my. That’s one of the most lovely sentiments I’ve ever read. Absolutely perfect.

  3. I’m sorry this happened to you. Your touching words bring back old memories. When I was a kid my mom had an affair with the neighbor down the street. I hated them both, I was embarrassed cause I went to school with his kids. They used to say , “your mom is a whore”. I was ashamed of my mom, buy I was disgusted with him. He would always call my mom, or stop by. My mom is widow, doesn’t know how to drive, making minimum wage. I thought he was using her but she has nothing. I just want him to leave my mom alone. Well, eventually the family move to Delaware, I was so happy! I thought that was it. Nope!! He continue to call my mom. Every time I answer the phone I would hang up on him or tell him don’t call anymore. I was a mean little bitch. Couple years later they move back and it was like he never left. One day years later when I was eighteen, my mom ask me for a ride to the hospital. I ask why, who’s there? She said it was him. He has cancer. I took her to the hospital walk with her to his room and what I saw will haunt me forever. He had deteriorate so fast that he look like a corps laying there. My heart just drop, I had this ache in my chest. I told myself I’ll apologize for being mean when I come back to pick my mom. It was too late he passed away. I realized that it was wrong how their relationship started but it wasn’t just a fling or something for fun. He truly love my mom, he ask for her on his last day. After he saw her he pass away. I wished I’d apologize sooner.

  4. Today is today. Think of the future but live in the now. Rhys your words are beautiful. On a Thursday I left my husband in bed while I went to work. Three hours later the sheriffs department contacted me to tell me he had been found dead in his car from a heart attack. He had pulled off the road on his way to work. The wound left has no bottom. It helps to know there are other beside you that miss the one whose gone.

  5. Germanchick

    There are times when a moment needs to be caught and turned into a little keepsake, to capture the moments of happiness, kindness and love we receive from others. Without those moments, yes we would live without pain, but without those moments our life’s would be empty and poor.

    Treasure her memories
    Big Hug

  6. Farmwifetwo

    It’s hard. Sorry you had to deal with it. My son tried to wake his grandfather 7 yes ago now and couldn’t. He’d gone for his regular Sun breakfast next door and was sent in to wake him. Nothing anyone could do.

    Yet, last fall, because my respite workers husband was in the recessitation room at the hospital when he died – dropped dead talking to the nurse – they got him back. Dr said anywhere else he would not be .

    Life is like that and over time you start to realize that you have no say in the end. Doesn’t mean we have to like it, but we should live our lives like we remember how short it may be. People remember us for what we did not who we are.

    You’ll remember her because of who she was and how she treated others.


  7. tweetybyrd

    I am so sorry for your loss. And what a needed slap in the face. I have a stressful family situation I need to address after work today & instead of going in with guns blazing I will start with a statement of Love. Thanks for the reminder that life can end in an instant.

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