I have the day off and I’m trying to shove some words into a chapter because a deadline is closing in on me and I’ve got to get this book done. Some days, writing is easier but often, I have to do it around things, places and people. I literally shove my writing into the crevices of my live and then gather it all up at the end.

Yesterday I discovered I’d forgotten to save the word document for chapter 11. I did however have the PDF I send out to my beta readers so it was an easy enough recover, although I had to de-paragraph all the lines because exporting to a word document means text boxes and a copy and paste into a word document means every single line is a paragraph.

Good times. Just a chapter. Not too bad.

My Irish visitors, TA Moore and her mum, Rae, have left for the wilds of Colorado to go look at cliff houses. They’ll be back in time for a drive by hug and then head back to Northern Ireland. TA (Tamm) is one of my dearest friends and one of the Five, if any of you read the acknowledgements. She’ll have a book out through DSP in a few. I’ll post its link once it becomes available.

We’ve known each other for going on decades and I can’t even explain the swell of joy I get when I see her. I have a few people who make me go awwww, she is one of them.

I also need more coffee.

Today is going to be dedicated to writing and coffee. The dog’s asleep on the couch but I’m sure he’ll be awake in a few to bark at a bird or a leaf. I’ve got the Black Impala Mix queued up for music and should be on my way in a bit.

What’s going on with all of you?

6 thoughts on “Dribbles

  1. Paula

    Today is definately a coffe day. It’s rainy and chilly here, high in the low 50’s. Althought next week its supposed to be in the 80’s. But back to the coffee :). I went to the farmer’s market last weekend and they had a new vender selling fresh roasted whole coffee beans, I bought a bag of the Guatamala kind and it is WONDERFUL!! So I’ll be drinking that while sitting in front of my computer at work. Hope you have a awesome day.

  2. I hope your day has been productive! I’ve been shuffling my kids to and fro, and am now headed to the library (I volunteer as an adult literacy tutor). Hopefully, I will be able to squeeze in a couple of hours of cross stitching before bed. (I’ve done 720+ hours on my Monet painting so far.)

      1. Between the tutoring, the stitching, and driving my kids all over town, I stay out of trouble. For the most part. 😛

  3. Cherry Starr

    Errand day. Pay bills, shop, get a slush at sonic. I was picking up my Mom when my niece walked by on her way back from the mailbox. Did she want to go to town? Sure! So everywhere we had to stop she would run in and be back so fast that I stopped turning off the car. Lol. Even speeded up the shopping. So what I thought would take all afternoon was done in about an hour. I had all that extra time to put my feet up, love on my Mom’s dog and cat, sip my slush and read the latest Janet Chapman book!

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