11 thoughts on “So… April 25th on The Novel Approach…

  1. YAY COVER REVEAL OMG. I don’t even care what book it’s for, I just wannit. (OK I totally care what book it’s for but no matter which book it is, I’ll be pre-ordering it asap.)

  2. Cappa

    Squeeeeeeeee! So excited! That’s so far awaaaaay!

    *pitches tent at the novel approach* “Welp, I live here now.”

  3. Katie

    umm, I have a confession to make. I’ve read all of your books but I wasn’t familiar with The Novel Approach. So I wandered by. Then I went to Dreamspinner. Then DSP. And since you won’t publish another book on demand (shesh), I bought a book by Eli Easton. Just to tide me over I promise! You’ll always be my favorite! Please send more Kai!

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