Dirty and Fish Stick Audiobook Giveaway Winners!

istock_000007521600mediumI haven’t heard from a bunch of you. Please contact me if you haven’t already done so. Free stuff! I’ll hold onto your codes for a couple of weeks then I’ll redraw for any missing winners!

There’s a Vietnamese coffee kit on the line here! *grins* Can’t draw that winner without having everyone gotten their code!

  1. Vicki Thompson
  2. Marie Barton
  3. Samsun
  4. Norawaye
  5. Cappa
  6. Claire McGuire
  7. Tess McDonald
  8. ronp317
  9. Carlene McLaughlin
  10. sophiesolis397259782

Email me at rhysford (at) vitaenoir (dot) com!

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