Dirty Heart (and FSF) Audiobook Giveaway Winners!

AudiobooksThank you all for entering! It was good to hear from all of you and so many of your fave moments were mine too. It was lovely to see what touched you and I am so glad to have you all with me.

Dirty Heart’s audio book will be released shortly. It’s being processed right now so the Audible’s link keeps flirting with us. As soon it’s live, I’ll let you know. But TODAY! We are hoping for today!

But more importantly, congrats to the winners! If you are listed here, please email me at rhysford (at) vitaenoir (dot) com so I can send you ONE FREE AUDIOBOOK CODE that I’m hoping you use for Dirty Heart or Fish Stick Fridays. But it’s good for any book. So congrats to all of the winners and most of all, thank YOU all for being here with me.

Greg and I will be back with other new adventures. Watch this space. *winks*

Congrats to:

  1. Vicki Thompson
  2. Marie Barton
  3. Samsun
  4. Norawaye
  5. Cappa
  6. Claire McGuire
  7. Tess McDonald
  8. ronp317
  9. Carlene McLaughlin
  10. sophiesolis397259782

Email me at rhysford (at) vitaenoir (dot) com!

7 thoughts on “Dirty Heart (and FSF) Audiobook Giveaway Winners!

  1. Cappa

    Woot! I used it on Dirty Heart! Best Friday ever! But who wins the coffee? We all know books taste best with caffeine! Tasty, tasty book caffeine. 🙂

      1. Cappa

        Ah yes! Good call. Lol. I was sitting here making caffeine so I could stay up with this book and thought, “wait, wasn’t there coffee involved somehow?” So I figured I’d check.

        Mmmmmmmm. Caffeine.

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