In the three hours since I’ve woken up….

So far this morning I’ve put gas in my sister’s car (Firebird still undergoing rennovations), had the car die on me in front of the gas pump. A block or so from my work and within spitting distance of one of my regular Starbucks but I couldn’t leave the car because no power and can’t trust the locks.
Then hot motorcycle cop was hot and came in for coffee while I waited for AAA to get there. Hour after I called in for the assist very adorable tech guy shows up, cleans the battery cable and sends me on my way. After we talk about his SHO Taurus and how it sucks to have an alternator die on the way to Vegas.
Get in line at Starbucks drive-thru. Ordered drink. They comped it because had compy things.
Life sometimes is a bit lemony but really, it adds zest. 😀

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