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  1. Hi Rhys,

    One thing I look for is regularity. I don’t mind if it is everyday posts, once a week, biweekly, once a month, but I look forward to seeing new posts and if there is a schedule to them it’s great because then if I miss a day, I can find the post easily or I know how many days in between posts it is going to be. I get worried when an author who is a regular poster suddenly isn’t present on their own blog.

    Other than that, I enjoy just seeing updates on books, excerpts, your opinions on books you have read–I probably will like them, and in general just fun things that you like to share.


  2. Stan Errington

    I love to read your blogs Rhys. Whatever you write is always entertaining and informative, and I appreciate how busy you must be, so as long as there is regularity that’s great

  3. Ann B

    Well, I have to admit to loving the food pictures, lol! Wouldn’t mind hearing more about ingredients and techniques either, but then I tend towards being a foodie. Also upcoming books and blog tours, of course … and your daily thoughts and doings. Your blog is kind of like a mini-diary and I love reading it. No improvement needed. πŸ™‚

  4. I love reading about your books – times when things go right as well as times when the shit hits the fan. It always helps to know that authors go through hell as much as their characters. Also, hearing from the author at least once a week is excellent. As a reader, we don’t want to be forgotten.

  5. edga

    As with the other comments it’s nice to know that you post regularly. I like reading news about your books and the writing process. I too like the food pics and would like the odd recipe. However, I know your time is precious and I’d rather you were writing new books than posting recipes. I still miss the men pics though. Just thinking about them. Phwoar ;D

  6. Farmwifetwo

    What is coming up and when. Not too much information but enough to make a choice. Some authors do snippets or short sections in blog or monthly letter. They also write full length books, the authors I am thinking of. But they to are stopping and have their main series ending. Life zips by fast enough that comments will decrease fast if there is nothing here. Again easy to see on big name author blogs that have gone mostly silent. Why check a blog if the author isn’t posting, might as well wait for the letter.

    Silence is frustrating. Lack of information or main pages too.

    Recipes with the food pictures means little to me and too much effort to Google.

    Your blog tours are interesting but frustrating because I can’t easily access the snippets later. You do collect some, and I appreciate it .

    All I can think of at the moment

  7. Laura

    Mainly I follow author blogs to keep up with upcoming books and any bonus stories. Some authors do regular short stories or serials, which I love but also get that it takes a lot of time. I also like easily find how to get the books or any of the free postings. I’ve gone to some author sites and wondered if they really want me to buy their books as they don’t make it easy to find them.

    Really I still follow you because you do the right volume, not so much that I get overwhelmed and not so little that I forget you are around. I like the variety too.

  8. I like learning about you. πŸ™‚

    Other than that, a page that lists your books in their series and their reading order would be lovely. If you do have one, I can never find it. All I find is the freebies and inbetweeners.

      1. The top tab? I feel really stupid, but… which is the top tab? Home? See, I keep thinking it’s going to be under the “series” tabs and then I curse when it’s not. *LOL*

  9. I quite like the balance you already have, I like the unpredictability of it and I definitely don’t want you stressing over making a blog structured, entertaining and then bringing it in on time! I would much rather you put your energy into your books 😊

  10. Sandy

    If I really like an author, then anything they write will interest me – travel stories, pet stories, current event ramblings, food stories/pictures:)… I like hints about upcoming books, little snippets from books, flash fic based on past books (hint, hint…more Jae and Cole:). What inspires your writing. Where your character names come from. Random musings.

    I’m pretty easy:)

  11. I wouldn’t mind more background on the Korean culture. It figures so heavily into your books – but the words, food and ideas are not something I normally know about, so when you talk about ‘x’ food in the book, I scratch my head and move on, because I have NO idea what ‘x’ is. Also – the family structure idea (where you are tossed out if gay?) is sooo.. I don’t know, intolerant? Is it really that way among Asian cultures – you can’t be gay?

    1. For Koreans and a few others, yes… it’s very bad if you’re gay. It’s a complex social structure mostly because all is dependent on having children and continuing the family lines. So much to get into there πŸ˜€

  12. Cappa

    My absolute 2 favorite things from author blogs are 1) supplemental content (character interviews, short stories, etc) and 2) insider info/fun facts on writing decisions (why a story was set where it was, why a character was written a certain way, how a certain plot point changed wildly during the writing process, etc.). I enjoy hearing just about anything from my favorite authors, but those are definitely my favorites.

  13. Carlene McLaughlin

    I enjoy checking in and seeing what you are up to as well as the characters when you post snippets. I enjoyed the blog tours and hope you will collect the posts and put them here on the site so we can read them again. Always fun to revisit the characters. Thanks for everything you post.

  14. Kendra Patterson

    I like that you blog regularly. I like blogs that have info on writings in progress. Love your food pics, I tried one of your dinners and it was good. I agree with Edga, I miss the men pics too. 😜

  15. Hmmm I enjoy hearing from you all regularly…doesn’t really matter what you post because it’s all bits of you(I really didn’t mean that to sound so creepy!πŸ‘€) whether it’s some video that you wanted to share or what you have cooked,LOVE the pet pics & stories!
    But I am with many who don’t wish you stressed…I am cool with whatever you wanna share.

    Dunno how helpful that is tho?! lol

  16. Renee

    I’ve always enjoyed whatever you wanted to post, random thoughts, snippets, updates, food, whatever you feel like sharing. I do miss the pics of hot guys and photo technics. Always looked forward to those. I agree with another post about wanting to know more about the Korean culture and food too.

  17. tweetybyrd

    I like the randomized way you post. I never know what going to appear so each post is like being on a treasure hunt & finding something cool.
    Not so fond of the food pics but love hearing about your triumphs & frustrations. Love your pet pics & really love hearing more about secondary characters. And especially love your blog hops when you post stories.

  18. I like your posts, enjoy the blog tours with the little stories. I’d like links to recipes when you post food pictures, but not necessary. I Like most of the stuff you post.

    I like the little side trips. A few minutes of something to tease us (Like Greg reading Dirty Heart, I loved seeing him read it… but couldn’t watch it until I had the book… I wanted it too much But it was brilliant watching him!!!) Or when you’re having issues with something you’re writing (especially a side scene that won’t give to much away from the book) where your muse is going off on a tangent and you need to pull her (him) back or maybe if a character isn’t cooperating.

    It reminded me of when JS (J. Michael Straczynski) was writing one of the final shows in one of the seasons for his series (Babylon 5) he had plans to have one person do something pivotal and it ended up another character stepped in to do the deed, as it were. He wrote about it in his blog (just a short item about characters having a life of their own without too much detail where even us die hard fans could only guess) and it made me more excited to see if I could find the scene he mentioned when it aired (yep, found it). Little’s writers issues that make us smile or curious – I just love those insights into writing.

    And I love wondering where you’re going and trying to figure out how you’re going to get there. This blog gives me that and more in between books.

    Okay you wanted short answers, right… I’m not really good at short. Sorry.

    Have a Great Day!!!!

  19. Michelle

    I really love the overall feeling of your blog. If there was one thing I would ask for, it would be a currently working on / coming soon page. I always like to know what my fav authors have in the pipeline, and even a very general pending release date. Doesn’t have to be specific. It can be something like “Planned for winter 2017” and that’s fine, That’s all I would ask for.

  20. Elorie

    I like hearing about your life, your writing, your trips and your friends, Oh also your furry companions. Maybe a little more regularity, and a few tips about how you write and how you take the paths you do once the characters have spoken to you.

  21. meep

    I’m rubbish checking blogs and only discovered you or rather Sinners before Christmas, so you may have already posted on this.

    The Korean food I’ve googled a few things and they sound interesting. Recipes (even a general idea of) are always a nice bonus.
    The social structure… is all new to me, was wondering where your knowledge comes from; if it’s from research or a personal connection.

    More generally I tend to check out authors to know more about their books, extra titbits about characters, extra stories, release dates/audios. If there’s regular posts and personality then I check back πŸ™‚

  22. Kerri

    I love the randomness of your blog. It will be book stuff, food pics (do you have a recipe Pinterest btw?), and the snippets of your life. Love it all so much! But short stories would be a cool possibility. Or maybe neat things from SD. Like places that you would recommend to visitors or local haunts, that sort of thing. But of all the author blogs that I read, yours is legit my fave.

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