Fish Stick Fridays Audiobook is now LIVE… and with a brand spanking new Narrator!

61iwSctTdML._SL300_Fish Stick Fridays has become an audiobook! Audible now has it up for purchase! Obligatory Purchase Link to FSF

Now, I’d also like to introduce to you a new narrator to my series and to the gay fiction genre in general.

Greg Tremblay and I had a few discussions about the tone and voice for Half Moon Bay and we’d come to an agreement that Fish Stick Fridays…and the subsequent novels needed something a bit different that the Los Angeles noir tone I’d required for the Dirty series and Rook/Dante and since me and a few others plan on keeping Greg pretty busy over the next few years, there needed to be a new “voice”. Tristan has San Francisco (Sinners and Hellsinger) which is an entirely different tone altogether and I needed a voice that was “moonlight” but still with that noir patina. . Because as all of you know… murder is always just a hop, skip and a jump away.

After countless auditions* and much wrangling**, I would like to present to you the newest narrator in my “stable” of voices; Spencer Goss.

Fish Stick Fridays is Spencer’s first book and I’d like you all to welcome him into the community… and maybe not scare him off since I’m writing the second book and probably will need him again. But in all seriousness, I felt like Spencer did the job well…and delivered me a believable Zig, Deacon and Lang. I hope you enjoy his work and if you do, please reach out to him and give him the kudos he deserves.

Spencer can be found on—
Facebook at:
And on Twitter at: (@SpencerGossVO)

So, here we go. New voice. New town. New murders.

OH, and one last thing… for all of you who’ve asked about Dirty Heart, Mr. Greg Tremblay has been quite the busy voice actor so I can tell you watch Audible over the coming couple of weeks. *wink wink, nudge nudge*.

* Okay, I could count them but it’s been a long day and I need more coffee.
** very little, this is a lie. Really, this author is a lying liar that lies. Very unreliable narrator.


13 thoughts on “Fish Stick Fridays Audiobook is now LIVE… and with a brand spanking new Narrator!

  1. edga

    By the way, thanks for taking the time to write the excerpts from Jae’s point of view. Really enjoyed them 😉

  2. Cappa

    Yaaaay new friend! Okay, none of your narrators actually know me, but I relisten to the audio books so much I feel like we’re buds. Probably I’m just creepy. But yay!

    Also, your disclaimer text is a riot.

  3. Farmwifetwo

    Greg is an excellent voice actor. But, I wanted to yell at him in Bobby and Ichi’s book. He narrated the non speaking parts in Cole’s voice and I didn’t like it .

    A change in voice is good. I listened to the sample and enjoyed it.

  4. Bethany

    I was prepared to be disappointed in the audiobook because of the huge crush I have on the voice of Greg Tremblay. He could read a phone book and I would happily listen. But Mr Goss does an outstanding job. His Deacon is dead on and the other characters were well done. The audiobook was a fun ride.

    1. It was a very long discussion regarding if I was going to take on another narrator. And then when I decided yes, it was a long time to find the one I wanted. *grins* Spencer was a good choice and yeah, he’s got some shoes to fill but I have faith in him.

      And well, Greg’s doing Dirty Heart… Kai 2… Murder and Mayhem 2 *grins* Oh and Clockwork Tangerine.

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