33 thoughts on “And… then the End.

  1. tamikamclaurin

    I have my review scheduled, but I’m scared to hit publish on it. That means it’s real.

    Bravo Ms.Ford.

    I’ll forever love Cole and Jae.

    Saranghae Cole and Jae!

      1. tamikamclaurin

        I always wondered if you have a visual model on how Cole’s house looks. I can never picture it in my mind and it’s bothering me. Lol.

  2. Stop already!!! πŸ™ Having a terrible pms day with headache and crying and now this! If I didn’t know you better, I’d think you were just TRYING to torture me πŸ˜‰


  3. I love the house picture! That was a great query. Waiting for the release is such a love/hate thing. Yes — what the fuck was up with Ben??? But letting that family go is crushing.

  4. edga

    Cannot wait. Excited, but sad at the same time. Can I just ask, will fishstick fridays ever be coming out as an audio? Loved this book.

  5. Bethany

    The house is just how I pictured it. My first series by you was Sinners and they hold a special place in my heart….but Cole and Jae…..are brilliant. Cole and Jae are also my first audios done by Greg and all I can say is WOW he is the bomb. So thank you Rhys for letting fall in love with more of your boys and to Greg for bringing them to life for me when I cleaning the dishes or cooking dinner.

    1. I love working with Greg so much on these and well, everything else. He’s a great guy and a fantastic talent.

      Cole and Jae… ah, so much love for them. And the Sinner boys. We shall have to see where we can go!

  6. edga

    I always think that these two are my favourite series, then I remember the Hellsinger books and Murder and Mayhem and Fish Stick Friday’s……I could go on…..Will we maybe get more of these in time?

  7. lissamrb

    I always hate to see a good series conclude, it’s been great to read Cole and Jae’s journey and hope we get to check back in with them in the future. And the answer to why Ben did what he did, definitely motivation to read the finally! Thanks for posting an image of what Cole’s house might resemble:)

    Sooooo, onto waiting for new Sinner’s and Murder & Mayhem books:) Rhys, thanks for spinning such wonderful stories!

  8. Susan

    No I am not ready to say goodbye to Cole and Jae and not to the Sinner boys either…I just hate goodbyes……

  9. Cathy R.

    My first reaction is screaming “Noooooo.” I don’t want it to end. I know it must–looking forward to what comes next.

  10. Les Joseph

    *sigggggghhhh* It will be so hard to say goodbye to them all. I’ll miss them so much.

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