Not Dead

I swear. I’m not dead.

I am in Florida for the annual DSP sleepover and zombie crawl….er workshop.

Had a lovely visit with Rick Reed and Friends (mostly because I dunno what name they want to use here) and then Jaime Samms came in and we went to dinner. Jaime and daughter crashed in my room last night before they head off to great and bigger rooms with the person whom they love more and I get a new roommate… Mary.

It’s like Cell Block Tango but with less murdery bits.

Stayed up to 2 talking. Which is normal. Which is why it becomes a zombie crawl. There are teeny gators in the atrium area of this hotel. I’ll grab a new picture of them today when they’re awake.

Going to work on the Dirty Heart blog tour stuff….and then… ONTO THE NEXT CAMEL!

3 thoughts on “Not Dead

  1. Edith

    The hotel looks cool… we might be in Florida in January. What hotel is it? And where? Kids might like it.

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