Tossed Eggs and Peas

Bad part about being human, we scab on the inside too.

There are several things going on with me emotionally. Icky, stupid crap. None of which I understand and just wish to go away. Apparently life’s like that. Isn’t that funny? Just when you think you’re doing okay, there’s a dip in the road and you lose all the eggs in your basket.

Hell, I’ve lost the chicken.*

Today I woke up with a head stuffed with ick and a belly refusing to eat protein. Which kind of pisses me off because I’ve got some lovely cod in the fridge. And onion rings. Fish and well…onion rings! Lightly fried fish filets. With garlic because you know… garlic.

So tonight, instead of me sharing a food picture, tell me what you had for dinner or are planning to have. Or maybe it’s breakfast. Share a moment and let’s talk about what’s on your plate.

16349157283_17c34b7e18_zI’ve also gotten some canned peas because you know… peas and mayo needs to happen.

And has anyone done those salads in a mason jar thing? How does that work out better than Tupperware?


* The dips in the road are normal. Just shit to deal with. *grins*

50 thoughts on “Tossed Eggs and Peas

  1. Cappa

    I do mason jar salads. It’s mostly the tall shape of the jar that works better than Tupperware, I think. All the wet stuff (like dressing or tomatoes) at the bottom with Hardy veggies that don’t mind the wet (like carrots or olives or peppers). The veggies at the bottom keep the lettuce out of dressing so it won’t wilt. You can shake it up and eat out of the jar or dump it on a plate and everything ends up in the right order. Easy.

    And I had a pseudo-Korean beef bowl for dinner. Pretty tasty.

      1. Cappa

        Plus, I guess the glass makes it easy to eyeball your food to make sure it’s still good. And, you know, they’re kind of pretty 🙂 also portable. They are pretty tasty.

        Basically, I recommend them 😀

  2. Cappa

    And I’ve had days where the brain state disallows protein, too. Hang in there. Let yourself enjoy guilt free peas today, and count eating a thing and taking care of yourself as best you can a win for today.

  3. Tamika

    Dinner is a Cobb salad tonight. The easiest thing for me to do right now, and not cook while having to bring work home tonight.

    Dessert is fudge brownies though. Trying not to eat the entire pan. Ugh

      1. Tamika

        It’s the perfect junk salad! You can eat as much so you want without feeling guilty. I love that part 😁

  4. We’re having chicken rice wraps for dinner, I did not have the energy for anything more involved :3

    Dessert will probably be a cookies n cream poptart, those things are evil delicious (and I finished off the fudge ones)

  5. Danielle

    Salmon and garlic butter makimame was for dinner. The salad in a jar worked for me too. Cucumber, squash and tomato on the bottom in the dressing. Spinach on top so it didn’t get wet and wilt.

  6. Dinner tonight was a Rice-a-Roni cheesy rice microwave cup and 2 slices of bread with peanut butter on it for protein. My belly decided it didn’t like me this afternoon and I figured this was the lesser of all evils but still gave me what I needed to take the evening meds. …. Which I just realized I forgot to take my meds and really don’t want to eat anything so I can take them.

  7. Rachael

    I have to psyche myself up to eat meat most of the time. Never can do fish at all. Dinner tonight was a veggie sandwich from jimmy johns and a walnut fudge caramel brownie. If I could live on chocolate alone I would do it.
    Hope you run over those dips soon.

  8. Claire McGuire

    Kale salad with raw brussels Sprouts and plain sliced chicken breast. My stomach was not happy with all the fiber. I had the kale salad for lunch too but with cheese. I think I need to change things up a bit tomorrow. Maybe scrambled eggs for lunch with salsa.

  9. Johanna

    I made homemade creamy chicken soup with wild rice. Plus a big loaf of garlic bread. The rice got mushy though and sorta dissappeared in the soup. Tasted really good.

  10. Hmmm…I get soooo tired of my own cooking! I was wild & crazy tonight ..settled for oatmeal with cinnamon & raisins🤓

    👀NO coffee at all?! A sure sign your body is not happy.
    …I have be feeling REALLY bad to skip my daily dose of Java ☕️

    Those dips & unexpected curves life throws us suck big time😣 I really hate that there is no skip or fast forward button😛…stooped process. *Hugs*

  11. Patricia

    Today fried a couple eggs early in the morning, the rest of the day I ate cheerios that grand kids had dropped on floor, and a half peanut butter and butter sandwich I made myself. Nibbled fresh berries while making the breakfast and lunch plates for the grand kids. And for me, coffee.

  12. Dennis Dowd

    I am drinking a great cup of coffee while reading some of the comments posted here. You know it is a miracle that our bodies work so well for so long. I been off sick from work because of a bad knee. It is my bum left leg. It has always given me trouble. When I was young, my legs were my best things. I bicycled all over Berkeley, CA and then Santa Rosa, CA and my legs were just great. Now, not so much.

    My coffee was made on a new coffee maker that a very nice doctor friend of mine gave me for Christmas. It is a MoccaMaster, I have the one with the glass carafe, and it makes the very best coffee I have ever had. I been taking care of his computers, I do this on the side for free, some 20 years now and he wanted to show his appreciation. Which of course I truly thought was nice.

    I was checking out your macaroni recipe, that truly looked good. I just love pasta, and macaroni salad is one of my favorites. Truly I haven’t decided what I am going to do about dinner yet. I might just have a simple blueberry yogurt with a banana and some protein powder.

    I just picked up the audible version of “Sloe Ride: Sinners, Book 4. I am excited about listening to another one of your creations.

    Hope you are feeling better by the time you read this.

  13. Dinner is a chocolate, vanilla milkshake with edible cookie dough and hersheys syrup! Because my parents went out to dinner and us big girls are not allowed anywhere near the stove… but somehow we’re allowed near a blender-which totally suits us! Sugar!!

    Feel better friend, lots of love and hugs!

  14. Stephanie S.

    My stomach was off this morning, but had a headache which may not have helped matters. Much better tonight. Had sweet potato w/butter & brown sugar and baked halibut. Really wanted chicken this week, but none of the stores had any–trouble with grocery shipments from lower 48 this week!! Halibut it is!

  15. I’ve done the mason jar salads. I’ve had them keep four or five days and still been good.

    I had IKEA Swedish meatballs and mash today. It’s worth the trip up the highway just for that. Think I’ll keep it simple for dinner tonight after stuffing myself at lunch, lol. Fried eggs o rice with tomato sauce and a small side salad should do the trick.

      1. You’ve got to try it with the lingonberry jam. So delicious! I bought the supplies to make it all at home.

  16. I had a salad and a chicken leg. The rest had noodles and peas with theirs. If I was alone I’d eat a lot of eggs, salad and pizza. You can do just about anything, with all of them.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  17. jenf27

    Last night we had baked chicken breast with roasted red bell pepper and a white wine sauce, wild rice pilaf with nuts/dried cranberries on the side. The best part is my better half cooked all of it.

    I hope you are feeling better and that the dips in the road even out soon.

  18. Andrea M

    Last night was green beans, squash and pork roast. Tonight will be lima beans and cornbread. Then I think I want to try peas and mayo!

  19. Can’t help with the way you feel, but here is a question for you:

    We all know what tupping is. So where did they come up with a name like tupperware???

  20. Les Jospeh

    Late, this, but last night’s dinner was a pulled pork sandwich with absolutely delicious BBQ sauce (just the right amount of heat and sweet) and super crunchy French fries. My kids took me out to dinner so that made it doubly yummy, no clean up.

    I’ve been really interested in trying the Mason jar salads. And breakfasts.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  21. Kendra Patterson

    Grande sausage burrito from Jack in the Box. Absolutely love them and can eat anything, anytime. Rarely get a finicky stomach. Sorry you’re not feeling well. Get well soon. 😃

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