Kai 2… *loading*

Today is ask about Kai Day.  So, let me give a quick what’s up. *grins*

Update on Kai Gracen Book 2.

  • It has a tentative name: Thunder Horse Rock
  • I do not have a cover yet
  • Thunder Horser Rock will be released this year
  • I am on chapter fourteen
  • Kai’s a bit pissy at the moment of this writing.

This is from the opening of Chapter One.
A step or two later, a torrent of swirling winds kicked up from the shore, sweeping over the crinkled black landscape and into tight clefts of jagged peaks at the base of the Pendle range. The juts stabbed at the air, envious of their craggy mountains looming behind them and snagged the interest of the smaller lizards on the draconian food chain. Dotting an upper mesa like dollops of stygian meringue, they provided a safe haven of sorts for the lesser beasts, a place where battles for territory and mates were raged under a sea of stars. The rising wind was harsh, grabbing at my shout and whisking my panicked mewling off as if it never existed.

Screaming into the wind was as useless as pissing in it except you didn’t get a mouthful of pee when you turned your head.

Considering the dragon riding my ass, I’d take the mouthful of piss any day.



28 thoughts on “Kai 2… *loading*

  1. Marilyn

    Girl, you really know how to kill people with words. That is the best descriptive paragraph I have ever read! We all ( your fans) will be dead until you revive us with the release of this book

  2. Edith

    Will there be a little more Romance in this one? Don’t get me wrong I LOVED the last one… but you can write a gooooood scene if you know what I mean😉.

      1. Edith

        You are to funny… slow building is fine with me😉. I eat up all your stuff it’s delicious! Thanks!!

  3. Cyn-D Gobatie

    A taste! A taste! Leaving us hungry for more. Your readers are soooooo lucky that you provide such a range of material and at such a rewarding pace!

  4. You do so have a life! …you freakin make whole worlds that you share with us😝🤗 That’s all kinds of cool….okay you live internally a lot. I can relate.
    Gimme! *makes with grabby hands* sooo looking forward to more Kai😍

    Okay I will stop emojiing you for now.

  5. Cappa

    Yay! So much yay! Every yay I posses is yaying all over the place right now! I cannot wait.

    Thank you for the snippet!

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