Deep Breathe In. *grins*

spider_web_001There are times in my life when everything gets a bit too loud. It feels like pressure up against the inside of my temples. Too much stimulation. Too much colour. Too much noise. Usually it’s too much pulling from too many people in so many directions.

Today was one of those days. Well, to be honest, the past five days have been like a spiderweb nightmare of yank and pull.

It’s not a bad thing once I realize it. Because that’s when to take a step back, take a deep breath and remember what’s at the centre of it all. Or at least find a centre.

We were kind of half-laughing yesterday about how I seem to get pinged for solving life’s problems by all manner of people. Which is hilarious because I can’t even really solve my life problems. I frequently misplace my Kindle so there you go…why would you look to me for answers on anything.

Today, someone was on their computer with a web browser open and asked me… how do you google [item]?

My reply was… “Really? Dude.”

We have that kind of relationship. I can tease that way. She just had a severe brain fart and was looking for a life preserver.

I think the hardest thing to do is to get stuck on “receive”, taking more and more things in until you’re full… kind of overcooked and done. I reached that this afternoon. I literally* felt something in my head pop. It wasn’t any one thing. I’d just reached that point. Which is silly. Because I’m better at management my silly brain than that.

So this afternoon, I’m going to take a breath, maybe a nap, but definitely a breather. What about all of you? What’s the centre-ritual or things you do to get that reboot?

16 thoughts on “Deep Breathe In. *grins*

  1. Jodi Slaughter

    I’m on the autism spectrum. 2 of my sons are, too. The days that are hard to breathe and cope are, well, hard. Sometimes it is reading a beloved book together. Sometimes, it’s walkin around in the woods on the other side of the pasture. Sometimes, it’s listening to the music we love. Is there ever a right answer? Prolly not. We do whatever. <3

    1. I’ve got Asperger’s and some days… hell, some weeks… just shit. *grins*

      Thunderstorms help. I’ve got a two hour thunderstorm thing I have on repeat. 😀

  2. Walking is good, I live in the Yorkshire countryside and its easy to get away from everyone and just breath….it’s not the same without my dogs, but it’s actually less stressful alone.

  3. Rachael

    When I get super stressed and my head is too loud I usually take massive amounts of b12 and then find my cats and convince them to sit on me for a while. Petting them seriously lowers my stress levels. That and eat chocolate….

  4. Cappa

    I nap or knit. Flip on a a favorite audio book. If I find myself with too much energy to unwind, I clean. It’s like giving my nest a bit of a reset gives me one too. Now that I live a block from the Lake, I sometimes walk down there as well…when it’s not a negative wind chill.

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